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Tractor Trailer Accidents
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Family Mourns Death of Man Killed in Tragic Accident

Nov 4, 2005 |

The son of a man killed in an accident on US-95 spoke out Friday about the crash that killed his father, and the man behind the wheel of the semi-tractor trailer truck blamed for the accident.
The victim died when the truck he was driving was hit by a wheel that came off a broken tandem axle on the tractor-trailer.

Glenie Bicknell's son Justin said, "It is his laugh. He is the only guy who laughs at his own jokes right after he says it." Twenty-two-year-old Justin Bicknell lights up when he talk about his father Glenie. Justin just returned from serving in Iraq and enjoyed quality time with his friend and role model.

Bicknell, said, "He was an outgoing guy. His hobbies were fishing and golf. He loved golf more than anything in the world." Glenie Bicknell was a Nevada native. Justin added, "He was born in Pioche in 1954. He was the last baby born there."

Thursday started out like any other day for the Bicknell's. Justin said, "He called me at 12:30 and said he had to go to Needles that night. I said I will see you tomorrow night." That was the last time Justin would talk to his dad. He told him he loved him and headed home from work.

Justin added, "I got off at 2:00 and drove by the accident not knowing it was him." Justin had jumped in the shower to get ready for school when the doorbell rang. He said, "I opened the door and they told me my father was in an accident and was killed instantly."

Justin is trying to understand how the axle came loose and why the problem wasn't discovered earlier. He said, "It is a maintenance issue and it should have been taken care of." But for now, Justin clings to all he has left, memories of the man who will forever be his golfing partner and his best friend. He said, "Always happy. He was willing to help anybody."

Engineers continue to investigate why the problem with the axle was not discovered earlier.

Police found the man driving the tractor-trailer that caused the accident at a truck stop on Blue Diamond Road Thursday night. It was truck driver Mike Haddox who alerted police to where the tractor-trailer driver was. He also witnessed the accident earlier in the day. Maddox says he saw the tires roll away from the truck and smash into Bicknell's vehicle. Then later at the truck stop on Blue Diamond Road, he saw the truck that police were looking for after hearing the report on Channel 8 Eyewitness News.

Haddox said, "I just asked him what it was in here for. And he told me it was in here for the axles. And so I told him what was going on and I went back here to look at it and sure enough, it was the right axle, so I called 911." Haddox says he saw the tires bounce as high as 40 feet before slamming into the white pick-up truck.

Truck drivers are also speaking out about the accident, and they say it could have been prevented. Truck drivers and an engineer were closely examining the truck on Friday. Many of the truck drivers say the truck had many maintenance issues. They say the reason the tandem axle came loose was a lack of oil. They also say that the truck driver should have seen that something was wrong.

One driver who asked not to use his name said, "His brake pads were on fire. They are white here. They were on fire when he was going down the road. For the driver not to see the wheels come off is unforgivable." Dennis Smith, another truck driver said, "The wheel barrings weren't properly taken care of." Smith says he believes the accident could have been avoided.

Nevada Highway Patrol troopers say they met with the district attorney Thursday night and that no charges will be filed against the truck driver. The truck driver told them he completed the entire inspection on the semi before hitting the road.

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