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Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon Transvaginal Mesh Implant
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Hernia Mesh Complications May Cause Recipients More Pain

Apr 26, 2017

Serious complications resulting from the use of mesh in hernia operations have been widely reported. For example, a man with a double hernia and a torn groin muscle had abdominal mesh surgery to repair his condition approximately two years ago. His surgeon assured him that a lot of mesh was necessary to be implanted, but he would be back on the golf course, swinging a club again in about six weeks after the operation.

After Hernia Mesh Surgery

About a year after the surgery, he returned to his doctor to ask why it did not seem to be healing. His doctor examined him and said everything seemed to be fine, so he left the physician's office confused. When he returned home, he told his wife, a registered nurse, that something was wrong and that the pain was getting worse.

The man visited his surgeon again. He was told that there is a slight chance something could go wrong with an inguinal hernia. An inguinal hernia occurs in the groin, when tissue, such as part of the intestine, protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles. The resulting bulge may be painful, especially when a person coughs, bends over or lifts a heavy object. It is the most common hernia.

Personal injury attorneys at Parker Waichman LLP are actively reviewing potential lawsuits on behalf of individuals who have suffered injury from allegedly defective medical products, including hernia mesh.

Referred to a Pain Clinic

In this case, the nerve may have been damaged, so the man was referred to a pain clinic where they singed the nerve. This procedure helped temporarily, but after three treatments, he says it did not help at all anymore.

The man's doctor told him that this mesh would likely prevent him from having another hernia. As the man was very active, this was good news. Before the surgery, the doctor explained some issues that may happen and the man asked if it was the same mesh as the transvaginal mesh, and they both had a good laugh. The man is not laughing now and advises anyone with a similar condition to research these kinds of hernia mesh before any decisions are made. It was only after his surgery that he read about abdominal mesh lawsuits and that they may even surpass the transvaginal mesh complaints.

Searching for a Solution

Searching for a Solution

Once the man read about the abdominal mesh side effects online, he felt somewhat reassured knowing he is not the only one, but was sad knowing how many others are suffering. He said he formerly did not have sympathy for people who got depressed with chronic pain, but had gained understanding of these people. There are times when he thinks he cannot do it anymore, can handle a lot of pain, but when it does not subside, it drives him to distraction.

The man runs a car dealership and describes himself as "ultra-competitive," but has lost that necessary edge for success. His physician suggested pain medication, but he says that is not going to fix his problem.

He is 45 years old and does not want to get addicted to pills, but is at a loss at where to turn and what to do next. He does not blame his doctor, but feels he must see someone else. He does not know if his ongoing pain is a result of a mistake made by the doctor, or if the mesh is possibly defective.

The man did not realize how serious abdominal mesh complications may be, but now has read that some have died from a torn bowel after hernia mesh surgery. He says he is not greedy or litigious, but has to look out for his family. He says he may not have a case, but must pursue a claim to do his family justice.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

Two hernia mesh lawsuits have been filed recently that involved failed Ethicon Physiomesh that has since been voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer. One plaintiff received the allegedly defective Physiomesh Composite mesh for the repair of a ventral abdominal hernia. Shortly after the surgery, the plaintiff began experiencing health complications that included adhesion of the mesh to vital organs. The plaintiff had to undergo a second surgery to remove the mesh.

The second lawsuit involved a woman who experienced health complications after hernia mesh surgery, that included nausea and severe pain. The plaintiff required a second surgery where surgeons found a tear in the Physiomesh product, through which the plaintiff's intestines had protruded.

A large number of hernia mesh lawsuits have been filed against various mesh manufacturers. Hernia mesh has "numerous defects that create a high risk of unreasonable and dangerous injuries and side effects with severe permanent adverse health consequences," according to the complaints.

Legal Help for Hernia Mesh Recipients

Parker Waichman LLP has had years of experience representing clients in numerous allegedly defective hernia mesh lawsuits. The firm offers free, no-obligation case evaluations to anyone with questions about filing a lawsuit. We urge you to contact us at 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529).

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