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Lawsuit Represents Lake Conway Property Owners Impacted By ExxonMobil Pegasus Oil Pipeline Rupture

Jun 28, 2013

Property owners along Lake Conway in Arkansas are eligible to join a recently filed class-action lawsuit against ExxonMobil for damages caused by a recent oil spill.

The lawsuit alleges that oil from the ruptured Pegasus pipeline in nearby Mayflower, Ark., contaminated the lake. The complaint contends that ExxonMobil failed to properly update the Pegasus pipeline after it sat dormant for several years.

According to a release from Parker Waichman, which is joining other law firms in protecting the property owners with real estate abutting Lake Conway, the ExxonMobil Pegasus pipeline had been used for years to transport oil from Texas to the northern U.S., but after the company shut it down due to previous performance issues, it was only reopened when the oil company decided to reverse its flow and bring tar sands from Canada into the U.S.

Many property owners along Lake Conway have suffered extensive damage as a result of the oil spill. The lawsuit also claims property owners experienced “interference, aggravation, annoyance, inconvenience, and intrusion” as a result of the oil spill in March.

The lawsuit alleges that ExxonMobil never updated the Pegasus pipeline and it was never designed to handle oil sands. This allegedly led to the pipeline rupturing on March 29, spilling thousands of barrels of oil into residential areas in Mayflower, Ark. Also, when it was reopened, ExxonMobil also decided – without updating the pipeline – to increase by 50 percent the capacity of fuels being transported.

The lawsuit alleges that oil from that spill also made its way to nearby Lake Conway, polluting it with myriad toxins, including benzene, toluene and other highly dangerous chemicals. Some of the pollutants are known carcinogens.

Lake Conway is a haven for recreational activity in this part of Arkansas, and based on our previous reports, ExxonMobil is dealing with a public relations nightmare after it first denied any oil reaching Lake Conway, even though it had become aware of the spill reaching the water. The lawsuit filed this week alleges that in addition to water pollution, toxins released in the spill also contaminated the air with hydrogen sulfide. The complaint calls the Pegasus oil spill the worst tar sands spill in Arkansas history.

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