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Maker of Craze Faces Federal Prison Time for Past Dangerous Supplements

Jul 26, 2013

One of the best-selling health supplements this year is known as Craze.

The latest offering from the billion-dollar weight-loss and bodybuilding supplements industry has garnered awards and is widely available to consumers via websites like and retail shops like GNC.

The maker of Craze, however, is facing federal prison time because of previous supplements he’s made that have caused people to suffer serious injuries and because they contained myriad banned or toxic substances, according to a USA Today investigation published this week.

Matt Cahill is set to enter prison for his role in selling a weight-loss supplement that contained a pesticide and baking powder. He made all his money selling that supplement through Web sales. Craze, Cahill’s latest supplement, has been blamed for several liver injuries and one famous bodybuilder says the supplement cost him a recent championship when he was found guilty of doping by the competition's organizers, according to USA Today.

The investigation also uncovered that Cahill’s first product, the weight-loss supplement, contained a substance banned in the 1930s because it caused people to go blind. Cahill is currently facing a federal charge that another product he sold, Rebound XT, contained a prescription drug that hasn’t been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

While Craze is still on the market and is billed as an all-natural supplement, questions are beginning to center on its supposed safety. Cahill says that his latest product is safe, as are all his products. USA Today found through the course of its investigation that Cahill is just one of likely many supplement-makers that taunt weak federal regulations with their products.

We’ve been reporting on the shady supplements industry for years; many of these products have been removed from the market over safety concerns. In many of the cases, these dietary or bodybuilding supplements are billed as all-natural or as containing no banned or dangerous substances, only to have lab tests confirm the opposite. Many times, these supplements contain prescription drugs or substances acting as drugs that may or may not have been approved by regulators, which could result in serious injuries or death to people who take them and have a drug interaction with severe side effects.

The FDA does not have jurisdiction over the supplements industry, despite many calls for the agency to have its power expanded over these myriad products, according to our reports.

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