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No Safety Regulations at Trampoline Parks

Apr 27, 2015

Trampoline parks are becoming a popular choice for family fun activities, but 13News Now reports that there are no state or federal regulations in place for safety. Unlike with rides at fairs and amusement parks, there are no inspectors to survey whether or not a trampoline or foam pit are safe. As a result, patrons may be jumping at their own risk, 13News Now reports.

13News Now shares the story of Courtney Cleveland's family, who celebrated her 7-year-old's birthday at the trampoline park Cloud9 in Chesapeake, Virginia. "My husband said, 'You're going to break your neck,' and I remember telling him, 'Just be quiet and videotape it,'" she said, according to 13News Now. As it turns out, Cleveland over-rotated on a flip while throwing herself into a foam put. "I remember just feeling pop, pop, pop," she said. She became concerned when vomiting began that night. Cleveland recalled how an emergency room doctor told her that her spine was fractured. "He said, 'Put that collar back on and don't take it off,'" she said. “It's pretty bad. You're very lucky. If you fractured C7 you could be paralyzed.'"

"I was just thinking like, 'What, this is crazy,'" Courtney said to 13News Now. "I was waiting for somebody to come in and be like 'Just kidding!' Like how do I break my neck having fun at my son's birthday party?"

13News Now investigated the number 911 calls at trampoline parks nearby to get a sense of whether these accidents are common or not. "We had a kid that fell through a trampoline," an employee said to the 911 dispatcher in Chesapeake. "He's bleeding from his face. I heard screaming so I went over to the trampoline."

In the last year, there have been dozens of ambulance trips to Cloud9. Another nearby trampoline park in the area, Rebounderz, had eight 911 calls, according to EMS In Newport News. Dr. Todd Parker, who works in the emergency room at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, has seen a number of these injuries. "Probably ankle sprains would be the most common one that we see," he told 13News Now. "Occasionally we see broken bones." He noted that there is a risk of injury with most physical activities. "I have no problem with parents bringing their kids there, they just need to be careful," he said.

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