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Parker & Waichman, LLP Believes Warning Issued by Johnson & Johnson About Ortho Evra Contraceptive Patch Health Risks is Insufficient -- JNJ

Nov 11, 2005 | PrimeZone

Parker & Waichman, LLP (, a leading pharmaceutical liability law firm, believes that the new warning issued by Ortho McNeil, a division of Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ), about increased risks of blood clots associated with the Ortho Evra patch, is inadequate.

Yesterday, Ortho McNeil warned that women who used the patch were exposed to up to 60% more estrogen than those taking birth control pills. It is believed that increased estrogen levels greatly increases the risk of blood clots, which can cause serious injury or death. With the availability of safer, alternative forms of contraception, Parker & Waichman, LLP believes that Ortho McNeil should immediately remove this product from the market. For more information about Ortho Evra please visit or

Yesterday, The Associated Press revealed that Ortho McNeil's internal documents indicated the company was previously aware of Ortho Evra's risks, but deliberately refused to fund a safety study due to fear that the results would be unfavorable. According to the AP, an internal Ortho McNeil memo shows that, in 2003, the company refused to fund a study comparing its Ortho Evra patch to its Ortho-Cyclen pill because of concerns there was "too high a chance that study may not produce a positive result for Evra" and there was a "risk that Ortho Evra may be the same or worse than Ortho-Cyclen." Parker & Waichman LLP believes that this is a clear example of a large pharmaceutical company putting profits before patient safety.

Ortho Evra is an adhesive, transdermal birth control patch that is intended to release 150 mcg of norelgestromin and 20 mcg of ethinyl estradiol into the bloodstream per 24 hours. It is replaced once a week for three weeks, and no patch is worn during the fourth week during menstruation. The regimen is then repeated. Ortho Evra was approved by the FDA on November 20, 2001. Over 4 million women have used Ortho Evra since its approval. Unlike the birth control pill, which is ingested and metabolized by the body's digestive system, the medication in the Ortho Evra patch is released directly into the bloodstream. This results in dangerously higher concentrations of the medication in the body, leading to adverse effects. Ortho Evra continues to be marketed aggressively to both consumers and physicians.

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Parker & Waichman, LLP is a leading products liability and personal injury law firm that represents injured plaintiffs nationwide. Parker & Waichman, LLP has assisted thousands of clients in receiving fair compensation for injuries resulting from defective medications and medical devices. Currently, Parker & Waichman LLP, with offices in New York and New Jersey has Ortho Evra cases pending in both State and Federal Courts. For more information, please visit

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