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Peanut Butter Salmonella Poisoning
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Parker Waichman LLP & Neblett, Beard & Arsenault LLP Investigating Thousands of Claims involving illnesses from Recalled Peanut Butter and Warns Pet Owners not to feed the Recalled Peanut Butter to their Animals

Firm has Received Numerous Inquiries from People Whose Dogs Have Been Sickened or Died from Ingesting the Recalled Peanut Butter linked to Salmonella

Feb 19, 2007 |
Peanut Butter

Parker Waichman LLP and Neblett, Beard & Arsenault LLP are Advising Pet Owners to Check the Brand of Peanut Butter

Parker Waichman LLP ( and Neblett, Beard & Arsenault LLP are advising pet owners to check the brand of peanut butter before giving it to their pets. Last week, ConAgra Foods Inc. (NYSE: CAG) recalled huge quantities of Great Value brand peanut butter, which is sold at Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT), and Peter Pan brand peanut butter, which is sold at stores around the world. The law firms have been contacted by many pet owners whose pets have become sick and, in some cases, have died after ingesting Peter Pan or Great Value peanut butter. Pet owners often give peanut butter to their pets as treats. The firm has also been contacted by thousands of people who believe they became sick due to the tainted peanut butter. If you believe you became ill from eating contaminated peanut butter, you can request a free lawsuit case evaluation by visiting or or by calling 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529).

Peter Pan & Great Value Product Code 2111 Recalled

On February 14, 2007, ConAgra Foods recalled lots of Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter due to salmonella contamination and widespread reports of related illness in multiple states. The FDA warned the public not to eat Peter Pan or Great Value (a Wal-Mart brand) to avoid becoming sick with Salmonellosis. The recalled peanut butter jars have product code “2111” on the jar lid. Consumers are being advised to avoid the recalled peanut butter if purchased since May 2006. ConAgra manufactures both the Peter Pan and Great Value brands in the company’s Sylvester, Georgia facility. The FDA has sent investigators to ConAgra’s processing plant in Sylvester, Georgia to review records, collect product samples and conduct tests for Salmonella Tennessee.

CDC Investigation Into Salmonella Tennessee Outbreak

Salmonella Tennessee is a bacterium that causes illness when ingested. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “CDC,” released a study on February 13 that drew the connection between 288 cases of food borne illness in 39 states to consumption of certain types of Peter Pan peanut butter. While most infections seem to be in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee and Missouri, there are victims in almost every state in the country. The first illness from the current peanut butter epidemic may have come in August 2006. As a result of broad epidemiological testing and recent case control studies, the CDC was recently able to identify Peter Pan peanut butter as the likely cause of illness.

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