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Study Underscores Smoking, Cancer Risk

Aug 9, 2013

Smoking cigarettes significantly increases a cancer survivor’s risk of developing a new cancer.

New research shows that if a cancer survivor continues to smoke cigarettes, they’re 59 percent more likely to develop another primary form of cancer not related to smoking. The study also found that smokers, in general, had a 109 percent greater risk of developing a smoking-related cancer than non-smokers, according to a report from

This study examined nearly 30,000 patients in Japan. Each participant was already diagnosed with some form of cancer. Each patient then had their records examined to determine if they had been diagnosed with another cancer during the study period. Researchers compared these rates of cancer against rates of smoking cigarettes, the reports on the study. Dr. Takahiro Tabuchi from the Center for Cancer Control and Statistics at Osaka Medical Center for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases in Japan is identified as the lead author of the research.

Smoking cigarettes was identified as the lead cause of not only a first diagnosis of cancer but also any other unrelated cancer that may develop, should that person survive the first diagnosis. Conversely, the researchers found, if a person quit smoking they were less likely to develop cancer. Quitting three years prior to a diagnosis could lower the risk of another cancer, reports on the study.

We’ve reported for years on the dangers of smoking cigarettes and their link to numerous diseases, including various forms of cancer. Many consumers are misled regarding the true dangers of smoking, and that includes smoking alternatives, too, such as hookah smoking and newer electronic cigarettes.

In many ways, some alternatives to smoking cigarettes may be more dangerous than cigarettes themselves.

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