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PW Has Recovered Billions of Dollars for Their Clients

SETTLEMENT $10,000,000.00* The case involved a family from Canada who were injured when their minivan crashed into an overturned tractor trailer which had been carrying compressed hydrogen. The driver of the tractor took his eyes off the road to retrieve a water bottle when he lost control and veered off the road, destabilized and turned over, blocking both southbound lanes of traffic, just south of Exit 41 on Interstate 87 in upstate New York.

Injuries: Child, 23 months at time of accident suffered brain damage with cerebral spastic triplegia of right arm, right leg and left leg, seizure disorder, inability to communicate, fractures of the right clavicle, right femur, right distal radius and right ulna. Mother, 38 years old, suffered burst fracture of L-1 requiring open reduction and internal fixation with two Harrington rods, right iliac bone grafting, spinal fusion at T10-12 and foraminotomy at L-3, displaced fracture of 12th dorsal vertebra; fractured three ribs, fracture of left distal ulna with malunion which required open reduction and internal fixation. Father, 35 years old, suffered a displaced fracture of the right distal radius requiring closed reduction; and Child, a 4 year old, suffered psychological injuries and soft tissue injuries to the forehead, left leg, wrist and arm.

Defenses: That both children, along with their mother, were sleeping in the rearmost section of their minivan and they were not restrained in child safety restraints, child safety seats or seatbelts. Under the law of the State where this action accrued, these are all defenses which not only could reduce but could eliminate any recovery and the injuries would not have happened if they were restrained pursuant to law.

*NOTE: This settlement is reported to be one of the largest settlements in New York State history, having a projected pay-out of $76,000,000.00

VERDICT $3,600,000.00 with interest approximately $5,400,000.00 New York State held liable for murder and rape of 34 year old mother of three by prisoner wrongly freed from upstate prison at least 13 years too soon. This was a structured settlement.

Damages: Pain and suffering of decedent. Past and future lost of guidance to decedent's three young boys (ages 5, 7 and 9 at the time of the murder) as well as past and future lost earnings.

VERDICT $4,500,000.00 A 50-year-old man fell over a stanchion left on a sidewalk when a light pole was removed. He sustained injuries including a fracture to his left elbow, left wrist & ribs requiring multiple surgeries.

SETTLEMENT $4,350,000.00 This structured settlement was for a 32 year-old Con Edison supervisor who, while in a Con Edison van, was rear-ended by a repair truck. He required three spinal surgeries including a laminectomy, a discectomy and a spinal fusion.

SETTLEMENT $4,000,000.00 A 45-year-old taxi driver was struck by a car as he attempted to open the rear door of his cab. The plaintiff suffered severe internal injuries, extensive fractures, neurological damage and psychological trauma. He required extensive surgical procedures and faces a lifetime of medical problems as well as the need for additional surgery in the future. This settlement was partially structured.

SETTLEMENT $3,510,000.00 The case involved a 45 year old salesman who was injured when his car was struck in the rear by a leased vehicle on the southbound New Jersey Turnpike.

Injuries: Brain damage including memory loss and seizures; fractured vertebrae at C-4; fractured ribs; fractured scapula; hemopneumothorax; and post-traumatic stress disorder.

SETTLEMENT $3,100,000.00 The case involved a 45 year old man who was driving on a highway coming over a crest of a hill, lost control of his vehicle and struck a guardrail, resulting in the disabling of his vehicle as a result of the snow and ice. The defendant's vehicle was also coming over the crest of the hill, also lost control and struck the man who was outside of his vehicle, attempting to set-up warning flares.

Injuries: Fractured right tibia and fibula requiring surgery; fractured both elbows; fractured ankle; pelvic fractures; left knee fracture; skin grafts and impotence.

Defenses: Defendant was claiming that the accident was unavoidable due to the weather condition and was utilizing the fact that plaintiff, likewise, lost control in the same spot as evidence that the accident was unavoidable.

VERDICT $2,785,330.00 The case involved a 27 year old woman who was caused to fall as a result of her shoe getting caught on rotted wooden planks on an elevated train platform in Bronx, New York.

Injuries: Fractured ankle which required closed reduction and subsequent ankle fusion.

VERDICT $4,500,000.00 reduced to $2,400,000.00* with interest approximately $2,700,000.00 Case involved a 50 year old Brooklyn man who tripped and fell over a galvanized electrical conduit left protruding from the sidewalk when a streetlight was moved to another site three feet away.

Injuries: Intercondylar fracture of the left distal humerus requiring ORIF; comminuted and fragmented fractures of the left elbow; ulnar neuropathy of the left elbow and wrist with clawing of the digits of the left hand all of which required multiple surgeries.

SETTLEMENT $2,545,000.00 A 49-year-old pedestrian, who was pushing a wheel chair, was hit by defendant’s vehicle which was backing up in a crosswalk. The plaintiff suffered pelvic and rib fractures, a fractured humerus with open reduction and internal fixation, and needed extensive rehabilitation. This settlement was structured.

SETTLEMENT $2,502,000.00 A 37-year-old school bus driver, while transporting students, was involved in an accident when her bus was rear-ended by a car. She sustained injuries to her head, neck, wrist and lower back requiring surgical intervention. This was a structured settlement.  

VERDICT $2,250,000.00 The case involved a 34 year old building superintendent when he was caused to be struck by a vehicle which had come into contact with a large oil spill in a fast food parking lot, he then lost control of the vehicle, striking a parked car which propelled into the client who was sitting on a retaining wall. The accident occurred in Bronx County, New York.

Injuries: Crushed right leg; fractures of left tibia and fibula; six operations including skin and bone grafting; stomach laceration and severe scarring.

VERDICT $2,185,531.00 A 38-year-old painter fell from a ladder which broke and collapsed under him. He sustained injuries to his neck and back as well as a facial laceration with scarring.

SETTLEMENT $2,025,000.00 The case involved a 37 year old carpenter who fell from a scaffold at Rikers Island when the sheetrock which had been leaning upright against a wall, had fallen striking the scaffold and causing him to fall.

Injuries: Herniated discs at L3-4, L4-5, L5-S1 and C5-6. He underwent two laminectomies and discectomies at L4-5 and a laminectomy and discectomy at L5-S1. He also had a spinal epidural nerve blocks and now has an electric neurostimulator surgically implanted in his back to relieve pain.

SETTLEMENT $2,000,000.00 A 29-year-old man while operating a motorcycle was struck by a truck which made a left turn and failed to yield the right-of-way. He sustained injuries including fractures to his arm, clavicle & ribs nerve damage, collapsed lungs and artery damage. Many of these injuries required surgical intervention. Settled after a verdict on liability.

VERDICT $1,765,000.00 The case involved a 15 year old high school student who was injured while attempting to board a bus at the corner of E. 184 Street, Bronx, New York when the bus driver closed the door on his foot and drove away, dragging him along.

Injuries: Crush injury to left foot requiring open reduction and external fixation. He was hospitalized for two months and caused to undergo additional surgery and skin grafting.

SETTLEMENT $1,475,000.00 The case involved a 37 year old carpenter who died from injuries relating to a fall during construction at a Peekskill, New York housing development. He was cutting wood when he had fallen through an opening where the stairwell was being constructed. He fell two stories to the basement and was pronounced dead at Westchester County Medical Center.

VERDICT $1,250,000.00 The case involved a 45 year old electrician who was installing electrical wires and supplied with a ladder which was covered in soot and greasy substances in a Bronx high school when he was caused to slip and fall off the ladder approximately 8 feet to the floor.

Injuries: Displaced and depressed fracture of right calcaneus requiring surgery; significant scarring; bone fragments in foot requiring future bone fusion and hernia

SETTLEMENT $1,200,000.00 The case involved a 33 year old painter who fell from a makeshift scaffold while he was painting the ceiling in the basement of a Ft. Washington Avenue, New York, NY building. He had fallen 40 feet to the floor.

Injuries: Fractured left (dominant hand) wrist requiring open reduction and internal fixation; compression fracture vertebrae at L-1 and herniated disc at L3-4 level.

SETTLEMENT $1,000,000.00 The case involved medical malpractice. The deceased was admitted to the hospital for a cesarean section 10 days prior to her death. After the procedure, a right central venous pressure line was inserted. The catheter migrated from the right atrium into the pericardial sac, causing cardiac arrest.

VERDICT $900,000.00 The case involved a husband and wife who were shopping in a department store on East Fordham Road, Bronx, New York. After having made a purchase, the cashier neglected to remove a Sensormatic tag from the item. The alarm was activated and two security guards brought them back into the store and detained them.

Injuries: Public humiliation and damage to reputation

SETTLEMENT $750,000.00 The case involved a 45 year old storeowner who was crossing the street at the intersection of Livingston and Hanover in Brooklyn, New York when he was struck by a vehicle which was a commercially owned.

Injuries: Open fractures of the proximal fibula and tibia; fractured mandible; fractured maxillary bones; fractured orbit and other facial fractures; nasal fracture and fractured teeth. He was caused to undergo three surgeries.

SETTLEMENT $625,000.00 The case involved a 30 year old laborer who was helping to load a rented truck when the truck moved in reverse and struck him. The accident occurred in front of a store loading dock on Hopkins Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

Injuries: Fractures of right proximal tibia and fibula requiring open reduction and internal fixation with a Grosse-Kempf rod; pseudoarthrosis of right tibia and his right ankle and foot were fixed at 30 degrees.

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