Nursing Home Residents More Susceptible to Flu

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by: James Kapralos, Esq.

The elderly are at high risk for catching the flu. The flu can be life threatening and must be taken seriously. Because the elderly are in a high risk category for catching the flu, prevention and quick intervention are even more important.

Those operating a skilled nursing facility, adult medical day care or home health business must be extra careful not to allow a flu epidemic to breakout. Elderly in nursing homes are at a greater risk than elderly living at home because the spread of germs and viruses in a populated indoor area with many people susceptible to the flu make it more likely a nursing home resident will come in contact with the flu. The flu can also be contracted by a nursing home resident from visitors, vendors, health professionals and staff.

Ask the staff at the nursing home what they are doing at the nursing home to protect the entire population from catching the flu, as well as what they are doing in particular for your loved one. Make sure the nursing home is doing things in a correct manner and you stand a better chance of your loved one not suffering from the flu.

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