Nursing home sued for allowing maggots to grow in resident’s ear

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maggots_earThe family of an elderly nursing home resident in suburban Chicago has filed a lawsuit against the it claiming negligence led to maggots growing out of one resident’s ear while she stayed there.

According to The Chicago Tribune, the allegedly sub-standard care at Lutheran Home, in the city’s suburbs, led to one resident having maggots growing in her ear. The lawsuit seeks $50,000 in damages because the facility failed to provide “a reasonable standard of professional care.”

On Sept. 16, a nurse at Lutheran Home spotted a maggot crawling around the patient’s ear. The 90-year-old resident was rushed to a local hospital where doctors allegedly removed 57 maggots from the woman’s left ear as her daughter watched in shock.

To emphasize their claim, the family had testing conducted on the maggots and determined they were three days old when they were removed from the woman’s ear. This backs the claim that the care at Lutheran Home was substandard, despite the denial on the part of the nursing home.

In response, Illinois’ Dept. of Public Health said an investigation launched after this incident included an inspection of Lutheran Home. The state contends that the inspection did not turn up any violations of the state’s Nursing Home Care Act.

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