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Jan 1, 2001

2000 was a record year for product recalls and warnings, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. The rapidly growing threat posed by defective products in the marketplace prompted us to devote a number of this year's Newsletters to various aspects of that problem.

While various government agencies monitor consumer complaints and injuries and, when necessary, issue recalls, the dissemination of such important information to members of the general public is far from satisfactory. In fact, a recent investigative report in California disclosed dangerously defective products were still being sold at numerous discount, thrift and second-hand stores despite their having been recalled. Shockingly, recalled children's products, such as car seats, were found throughout the state being sold without any indication that they had been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Thus, the best way for you to protect yourself and your family from the hazards posed by dangerously defective products is to take advantage of every available opportunity to obtain information that may be of assistance to you. Some ways to keep well informed are as follows:

1. Read the monthly recall section in "CONSUMER REPORTS".
2. Contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) at 800-638-2772 or visit
3. Contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at 800-424-9393.
4. Contact any new car dealer.
5. Contact the U.S. Coast Guard.
6. Contact the FDA's Office of Consumer Affairs at 888-723-3366.
7. Always return any warranty card that comes with a product you purchase.
8. Check the websites of the various news services/news networks and consumer advocate groups.

As a service to our subscribers, we have gathered together from various sources a comprehensive list of the major product recalls from November, 1999 through December, 2000. We have broken down these products into the following categories:

1. Motor vehicles
2. Household products
3. Clothing
4. Children's Products
5. Safety Equipment
6. Bicycles/Scooters, etc.
7. Electrical Equipment
8. Drugs





What to Do

All-terrain vehicle (ATV)

Honda Rancher TRX350 ATV

American Honda Motor Co. Inc. of Torrance, CA

front suspension bracket improperly welded to frame - loss of steering

stop driving -- call local Honda dealer or 1-888-289-8226

All-terrain vehicle (ATV)

Honda Rancher TRX400EX ATV

American Honda Motor Co. Inc. of Torrance, CA

brake pads assembled incorrectly causing brake failure

stop driving -- call local Honda dealer or 1-888-289-8226

Murray Outrage Go Carts



Amsafe Commercial Products Inc.

seatbelt can unintentionally unlatch

stop using - call 1-800-251-8007 or go to www.murrayinc.


Isuzu Trooper

2000 and 2001 models with front wheel drive

Isuzu Motors, Ltd.

Fuel leaks in crash tests;;


Polaris All-Terrain Vehicles

1999 Scrambler and Xplorer 400 ATVs and 2000 Scrambler and Xplorer 400 ATVs

Polaris Industries, Inc.

Throttles can stick preventing vehicle from slowing down

stop using - contact local Polaris dealer or call 1-800-POLARIS or go to www.polaris



serial numbers 1757022 through 1855821 and 3000010 through 3050632

Manco Products Inc.

Rider's long hair or loose clothing can become entangled in moving components

stop using - call Manco for free repair kit or free installation of same. Call 1-800-293-0795 or go to www.manco


Kawasaki Off-Road Motorcycles

KX65 Model Year 2000 VIN Numbers (last 4 digits) 0001 to 6668

Kawasaki Motors Corp. of U.S.A. of Irving, CA

Frame down tube can crack below the steering head causing failure of the frame and loss of control

stop using - call local dealer or 1-866-802-9381

Honda Off-Road Motorcycles

2000 and 2001 XR50R

American Honda Motor Co. Inc. of Torrance, CA

2 bolts that attach handlebars can break causing handlebars to separate and loss of control

stop using - call local dealer or 1-888-289-8226 or go to



Yamaha Motorcycles

1998-1999 Models YFZ-R1K, YFZ-R1KC and YFZ-R1LC


coolant system water hose could loosen at thermostat connection and allow steam to spurt out

have dealer install and adequately tighten two new hose clamps

Dodge & Plymouth

'00 Neon (11/98 - 1/99)

Daimler Chrysler

passenger side airbag may not inflate adequately

have dealer replace air-bag module


'00 Focus (with automatic speed control)

Ford Motor Company

possibility of water entering speed control assembly causing unexpected acceleration

have dealer inspect car and install re-designed speed control cable


Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Avenger and Eagle Talon

Daimler Chrysler

ball joint could separate and cause suspension to collapse

have dealer inspect car and replace rubber-ball joint boots if necessary

Toyota & Lexus

'95-98 Camry and '94-98 ES300


steering wheel could loosen or come off

have dealer tighten steering wheel set nut


'96-'98 Ford Contour, Mercury Mystique

Ford Motor Company

rear brakes could corrode from exposure to road salt

have dealer install re-designed PCRV in rear-brake system


'96-98 Civic


Floor mat could prevent accelerator pedal from returning to idle when foot is removed

have dealer install positive floor mat retention system


'96-99 various models


1) bolt in transmission case could fall out resulting in loss of power to wheels

2) vehicle could roll even though shifter is placed in "park"

have dealer install redesigned bolt


Mercedes S

Mercedes Benz

possibility of spontaneous air bag deployment

have dealer replace air bag module

Ford, Lincoln SUV

Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator


trailer hitch could detach causing vehicle in tow to break free

have dealer replace trailer-hitch mounting with bolts and nut plates


Q45 and 130


electrical short could occur in alternator and cause engine compartment fire

heave dealer replace alternator




1) possibility of deployment of side airbags and other safety systems if car strikes curb or pothole

2) electrical system could possibly mal-function

have dealer replace RAM central computer control module that regulates performance of all occupant protection systems


Kia Sportage


engine could stall

have dealer install spring clips, to lock connectors together, and solder a splice in wiring harness


Ford Contour and Mercury Mystique


accelerator may not return to idle from foot is removed from pedal

have dealer install redesigned accelerator cable




engine could stall

have dealer replace connectors that channel electrical current to fuel pump and reposition those connectors


M Class

Mercedes Benz

front safety belt buckles could unlatch unexpectedly

have dealer inspect and replace safety belt buckles


323i and 328i


airbags could deploy inadvertently

have dealer reprogram central computer control module regulating occupant protection systems


Century and Regal

General Motors

electrical short in anti-lock brakes motor could cause brakes to overheat and melt plastic fuel line

have dealer install ground cable from electronic brake control module to engine compart-ment body rail


Accent, Elantra and Tiburon


transmission fluid could leak and prevent vehicle from accelerating as expected

have dealer replace automatic transmission pressure control solenoid valve

Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep

Chrysler Concorde, 300M, and CHS, Dodge Intrepid, Jeep Grand Cherokee

Daimler Chrysler

safety belts might not provide adequate protection in crash

have dealer replace upper ATL bolt


Galant and



1) heat from exhaust manifold may damage battery cable wire harness

2) headlights, directional signal and windshield wipers could malfunction

have dealer remove and discard metal manifold bracket and install heat insulator and heat-resistant wire-harness clips or new harness with integral heat protection as appropriate




wire harness under dash could abrade from contact with brake switch

have dealer replace damaged wires and install protective corrugated plastic tube over wire harness near brake stop switch

Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth

Chrysler Cirrus, Dodge Stratus and Plymouth Breeze

Daimler Chrysler

rear brake hose could abrade and leak from contact with exhaust system clamp

have dealer replace any brake hose that shows wear from contact with clamp


SC, SL and SW


safety belts may not work

have dealer inspect safety belts and probably tighten shoulder guide anchor bolts


MPV Minivans


fuel could leak and cause fire under hood

have dealer replace lower intake manifold assembly


MPV Minivans


door could ben opened even though child proof system is in use

have dealer repair latching assembly indoor lock mechanism




in open position, lift gate could fall unexpectedly

have dealer install liftgate reinforcement bracket

Daimler Chrysler


Daimler Chrysler

liftgate could drop suddenly and unexpectedly

have dealer inspect and if necessary install larger washers on bolts that attach liftgate supports

Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth


Daimler Chrysler

windshield wipers could fail resulting in reduced visibility

have dealer replace left windshield wiper pivot assembly

Chevrolet, GMC

Chevy Blazer and S10; GMC Jimmy and Sonoma (w/ 4 Wheel Drive)

General Motors

in two-wheel drive mode, anti-lock brake system may not perform as expected resulting in increased stopping distances

have dealer make necessary repairs


Cherokee and Grand Cherokee

Daimler Chrysler

extensive exposure to road salt could corrode brake components

have dealer install corrosion-coated front disc-brake rotors with stainless steel center section



Ford Motor Company

in open position, liftgate could fall unexpectedly

have dealer install liftgate reinforcement bracket



Ford Motor Company

fuel tank could leak causing fire

have dealer install a brace at strap bolt hole and longer strap


Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth

Daimler Chrysler

fuel tank could leak and cause fire

have dealer replace nut holding fuel pump module in place



Daimler Chrysler

1) air bag could deploy unexpectedly

2) air bag warning light could come on for not apparent reason

heave dealer replace airbag control module




fuel tank strap could separate from tank and cause leaks and possibly fire

have dealer install strap with single toggle-lock design


RAM (Pick-ups)


hydraulic fluid could leak onto hot exhaust pipe and cause fire

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