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Barefoot Running Shoe

Barefoot Running Shoe Lawsuits

Barefoot Running Shoe Lawsuits

Barefoot Running Shoe Lawsuits | adiPure Adidas | FiveFingers Vibram | Adidas | Vibram USA Inc | Product Liability, Lawyers

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Barefoot Running Shoe Lawsuits

Have you purchased so-called barefoot running shoes, including those manufactured by Vibram USA Inc or Adidas?  Parker Waichman LLP is investigating allegations that advertising  touting the health benefits offered by barefoot running shoes sold under the brand names FiveFingers (Vibram) and adiPure trainer (Adidas) was deceptive and misleading.  It has also been alleged that the design of barefoot running shoes actually increases the risk of injuries.
If you purchased FiveFingers or adiPure trainer barefoot running shoes, you may be entitled to compensation.   The defective product lawyers at Parker Waichman LLP are offering free lawsuit evaluations to any consumer who purchased FiveFingers or adiPure trainer athletic shoes.  To learn more about obtaining compensation through a barefoot running shoe lawsuit, please contact Parker Waichman today.

Barefoot Running Shoe Lawsuit Allegations

Barefoot running shoes like FiveFingers and adiPure trainers are said to offer the closest experience to running barefoot.  The toebox in such shoes is generally roomy to allow toes to splay inside the shoes, supposedly enhancing grip and balance.  Such shoes feature extremely lightweight construction, little to no arch support, a minimal heel height of 4-8mm. This design is supposed to encourage a natural running motion and a midfoot strike. 
Introduced by Vibram in 2006, FiveFingers barefoot running shoe is best known for its 5-toed design. These individual toe slots are intended to help strengthen and stretch muscles in the wearer's feet.  Adidas brought adiPure trainer shoes to market in 2011, and these shoes also sport the 5-toe design. Adidas claims the design of the shoe allows runners to "harness your body's natural mechanics for optimal training."

Both Vibram and Adidas have been named in lawsuits alleging the marketing claims tor their shoes are misleading.  Among other things, plaintiffs allege that there are no well-designed scientific studies that support the claims.  Lawsuits also allege that the shoes may increase injury risk as compared to running in conventional running shoes, and even when compared to running barefoot.  According to one complaint filed by a purchaser of adiPure trainers, months of use led to foot pain that turned out to be a compound fracture.  That plaintiff alleges he and other consumers were never warned about the potential hazards posed by in Adidas adiPure trainer shoes.

The Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association recently published a review of the available literature on barefoot running, which concluded that there wasn’t enough information available to fully confirm or refute the claims of barefoot runners or their critics.  The Association has warned consumers against the barefoot running trend, saying that “research has not yet adequately shed light on the immediate and long-term effects of this practice.”

Legal Help for Purchasers of Barefoot Running Shoes

If you purchased barefoot running shoes, including FiveFingers or adiPure trainers, you may have valuable legal rights.  To learn more about filing a barefoot running shoe lawsuit, please contact Parker Waichman LLP by filling out our online form, or call 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529) today.


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New Study: Barefoot Sneakers Causing Foot Bone Injuries

Mar 7, 2013
One of the latest exercise trends, barefoot running, may be causing serious bone injuries to runners who choose this new style of running shoe. According to a The New York Times report, a new study has examined the impact of using so-called “minimalist” running shoes, and determined that the shoes may be responsible for an increased risk of bone damage in the foot. The injuries seen in barefoot running shoes are not often seen among people who wear traditional running...

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