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Benzene Side Effects May Result In Leukemia Lawsuits

Benzene | Lawsuits, Lawyers | Side Effects: Leukemia, Cancer of Blood-Forming Organs

Benzene is colorless liquid with a characteristic odor and burning taste that is one of the most commonly used solvents in the United States. Benzene is used as an additive in gasoline and an ingredient in paints, inks, adhesives, rubbers, glues, old spot removers, and furniture wax. Benzene is also used to make some types of plastics, glues, rubbers, lubricants, dyes, detergents, drugs, and pesticides. It is also natural component of cigarette smoke. Benzene ranks in the top 20 chemicals for production volume in the United States.

However, Benzene is a known human carcinogen. Long-term exposure to high levels of benzene in the air can cause leukemia, cancer of the blood-forming organs. There are several ways to be exposed to unhealthy levels of benzene. Workers in industries that make or use benzene may be exposed to the highest levels of Benzene and are at the highest level of risk.

You can also be exposed to dangerous levels of the solvent from indoor air that contains benzene from products that contain it such as glues, paints, furniture wax, and detergents. Air around hazardous waste sites or gas stations will contain higher levels of benzene. Leakage from underground storage tanks or from hazardous waste sites containing benzene can result in benzene contamination of well water. Another major source of benzene exposure is cigarette smoke.

Industrial processes are the main source of benzene in the environment. Benzene can pass into the air from water and soil. It reacts with other chemicals in the air and breaks down within a few days. Benzene in the air can attach to rain or snow and be carried back down to the ground. It breaks down more slowly in water and soil, and can pass through the soil into underground water.

If you believe that you have been exposed to benzene you should report your suspicions to your employer and be tested. Several tests can measure your exposure to benzene. There is a test for measuring benzene in the breath that must be done shortly after exposure. Benzene can also be measured in the blood. However, benzene disappears rapidly from the blood and test results are only accurate if the test is performed after recent exposure.

Legal Help For Victims Affected By Benzene

If you or a loved one suffered side effects from benzene exposure, please fill out the form at the right for a free case evaluation by a qualified pollutants attorney or call us at 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529).


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Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Survey Planned, Bill to Aid Vets, Families Reintroduced in Congress

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Major Study To Assess Health Effects There are some major developments to report in the Camp Lejeune toxic water controversy.  These include a major study to assess the health affects of drinking the base’s poisoned water, and the reintroduction of legislation in the U.S. Congress that would benefit many of those sickened by the water.The health study will be conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control's Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). ...

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BP To Pay $50.6 Million For Safety Violations BP has agreed to pay a $50.6 million fine for safety violations at its Texas City refinery, the largest ever assessed in the history of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In 2005, an explosion at the BP Texas City refinery killed 15 workers. According to an OSHA statement, the fine stems from a 2009 follow-up investigation that found the refinery had failed to make all the safety upgrades required under an...

BP Faces Massive Lawsuit Over Texas City Refinery Benzene Emissions

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Refinery Emitted Toxic Benzene Fumes BP is facing a massive class action lawsuit over its Texas City refinery. According to a Houston Chronicle report, the lawsuit was sparked by the revelation that the BP Texas City refinery emitted toxic benzene fumes between April 6 and May 16 of this year. The $10 billion class action lawsuit alleges the release of 500,000 pounds of chemicals – including 17,000 pounds of benzene – has jeopardized the health and property values of people...

Camp Lejeune Contractor Underreported Benzene

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Chemical Contamination Causes Breast Cancer Not too long ago, we wrote that a man raised at the Camp Lejeune Marine base told lawmakers that his breast cancer resulted from contaminated base water. This was not the first time allegations were made regarding contaminated water and cancer diagnoses linked to that base. Now, the Associated Press (AP) is reporting that an environmental contractor “dramatically underreported” the amount of benzene, a known carcinogen, found in tap...

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