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BP Gulf Oil Real Property Claims
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BP Gulf Oil Property Claims

BP Gulf Oil Property Claim Lawsuits

BP Gulf Oil Property Claims | Lawsuit Lawyer Class Action | Hotels, Motels, Condominiums, Inns, Bed and Breakfasts, Summer Homes, and Other Properties | GCCF Gulf Coast Compensation Fund | Loss Damages Rental Income Property

Have you lost rental income due to the BP oil spill? Has your claim for lost or damaged real property been denied by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility? Parker Waichman LLP and its partner law firms can help, even if your BP oil spill claim has already been denied. Our group is currently doing everything in it's power and is making strides to settle claims over damaged or lost real property for over 600 property owners along the Gulf Coast, from Seaside, Florida to the Louisiana/Texas border. It is Mr. Feinberg's goal to complete these negotiations by the end of February 2011.

If you plan to submit a claim for damaged or lost real property to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, or if your damage claim was previously denied, now is the time to contact our BP oil spill claims lawyers. Our BP oil spill claims group is achieving great results, having already recovered many millions of dollars for claimants against BP.

Previously denied claims can be resubmitted through our group and will be taken under consideration by Mr. Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. If you are among the thousands of property owners whose claims for damaged and lost real property were denied by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, it is vital that you contact one of our BP oil spill claims lawyers today to resubmit your claim. There is still time to file before the first round of settlements is reached.

The BP Oil Spill

The BP oil spill began on April 20, 2010 with an explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that killed 11 men. Attempts to staunch the gusher failed, until a cap was successfully deployed over the undersea well on July 15. By that time, roughly 4.4 million barrels of oil had spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. The BP oil spill, which now ranks as the largest offshore oil disaster in U.S. history, paralyzed important segments of the Gulf Coast's economy, including seafood and tourism.

In the wake of the disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP agreed to provide at least $20 billion to compensate victims of the disaster. The fund is being administered by Mr. Feinberg via the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. Claimants may accept interim payments without waiving any of their legal rights. Accepting a final payment of long-term damages requires claimants to release BP and any responsible parties. You can accept an Emergency Advance Payment(s) and reject the final payment if you find it to be unsatisfactory.

Legal Help for BP Oil Spill Claimants

It is vital that BP oil spill claimants act now before negotiations between our group and Mr. Feinberg are finalized. This is expected to occur no later than the end of February 2011. Even if you were denied by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, you may still be able to recover damages by resubmitting your claim via our BP oil spill claims group.

We continue to offer free legal consultations to individuals, businesses and governmental entities impacted by the BP oil spill. Consultations are available through our website at or by calling 1-800-BIG-SPILL (1-800-244-7745). If you or someone you know has sustained damages because of this disaster, we urge you to contact us immediately to protect your legal rights.


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