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Business Law-Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract Attorneys at Parker Waichman LLP

Breach of Contract Attorneys at Parker Waichman LLP

Breach of Contract Attorneys at Parker Waichman LLP

Parker Waichman LLP offers exceptional legal representation in the areas of business and commercial law and is committed to ensuring your firm’s legal rights are protected, especially in situations involving written and verbal contracts. The most common type of business dispute involves breach of contract and we will work to ensure that you are not in danger of harm from breach of contract situations involving clients and other business partners.


A contract is a legal exchange of enforceable promises and may involve attorney-drafted documents. When a party fails to keep the promises it made in a contract, a breach of contract may occur. You have a legal right to ensure enforcement of the commitments made within these contracts and the attorneys on our team will help make sure that all of the parties involved honor their legally binding commitments to you.

The New York Commercial Code treats businesses in different ways than it treats individuals who sign a contract and the law anticipates that businesses will act in good faith, adhering to specific, well-known business principals.

For the most part, contract terms prevail; however, some terms may be unenforceable if deemed unfair or illegal. In some cases, individuals who regularly operate in certain businesses may be treated as a business. In other cases, if the other side breaches a contract, your business may be mandated to perform in compliance with the contract terms and you might be required to perform in whole or in part even if a breach has occurred. A breach of contract may not always void the full contract; however, in some cases a material breach does void the contract in its entirety, which may make you eligible for damages. Parker Waichman LLP is knowledgeable in all of the nuances of contract law.

Protect Your Business from Breach of Contract

A contract may involve formal, attorney-drafted documents that have been signed in the presence of a witness or even private, verbal agreements. Regardless of the nature of the binding contract, you have a legal right to have your business contracts enforced. If you have been harmed by a contract breach, we will review the terms of your contract, providing sound advice and offering options for relief, including damages and specific performance.

Be sure to speak to our firm to understand your rights and the various ways in which you can protect your business from breach of contract and to ensure that the burden is placed on the other party to prove they will fulfill their obligations under the contract. If the other side of a contract has breached a contract, we are able to review the contract’s terms and provide meaningful advice concerning your future obligation to the contract.

If Your Business Has Been Harmed by Breach of Contract

A breach of contract may lead to significant damages to the non-breaching other party. These may include the cost of finding a substitute to fulfill the terms of the contract. The injured party may have options for recovery, such as contract enforcement, contract cancelation, and suing for repayment or liquidated damages, for example. If a breach has already occurred or may be occurring, contact our Breach of Contract Business Attorneys to understand your legal rights and options and to determine if you are eligible for any compensation or damages. Please fill out our online form or call 1(800)-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529) to speak with one of our experienced Breach of Contract lawyers today.


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