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Defective or Non-Conforming Goods-Business Attorneys

Defective or Non-Conforming Goods-Business Attorneys

Defective or Non-Conforming Goods-Business Attorneys

Defective or Non-Conforming Goods-Business Attorneys

Non-Confirming Goods Attorneys

When goods or services are purchased, the nature and quantity of those goods and services is typically specified in a purchase contract. Under this contract, the seller must deliver the good or services requested to the buyer under agreed-to considerations. When delivered goods or services are not what was specified in the purchase contract, those goods or services are considered non-conforming goods.

Parker Waichman LLP Defective or Non-Conforming
Goods Attorneys

Parker Waichman LLP is adept at handling defective or non-conforming goods and services disputes for businesses of all sizes and in all industries, including supplier businesses. Our business attorneys have experience in the various laws that involve these types of disputes and will be able to provide you with an array of solution options.

Delivery of Non-Conforming Goods, Services

Purchase contracts indicate the nature, and the quantity, of goods or services the buyer requires. The seller must adhere to agreements to deliver requested goods or services as stated in the contract. Non-conforming goods are relevant in situations in which delivered goods or services are not what has been indicated in the purchase contract.

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) which covers sales of goods, indicates that a purchaser may reject, accept all, or accept some goods in the event non-conforming goods or services are delivered by a seller. Should the buyer reject the non-conforming goods within a reasonable time following delivery, that buyer is not liable to pay for the rejected goods.

Lack of clarity in agreements may lead to disputes, as may a difference in how an agreement and goods are perceived. Any questions regarding what is known as “substantial performance” under a contract for services may also become problematic, as may be goods provided by a third party on your behalf, such as a supplier. Substantial performance, as it relates to services defined under a contract, is considered outside of UCC regulations and involves different statutes and case law. When third parties are involved, the issues may become more complex.

Parker Waichman LLP is experienced with the many different types of issues surrounding defective or non-conforming goods and will provide sound advice, as well as compelling representation in the event negotiations are no longer possible.

If Your Business Has Been Harmed by Defective or Non-Conforming Goods

If your business suffered harm or financial injury due defective or non-conforming goods, you may have legal rights. Our Defective or Non-Conforming Goods Business Attorneys understand your legal rights and options and will be able to advise you regarding your concerns or issues. Please complete our online form or call 1(800)-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529) to speak with one of our experienced Defective or Non-Conforming Goods Attorneys today.


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