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Dodge Ram Cracking Dashboard Lawsuits

We Are Presently Not Accepting Dodge Ram Cracking Dashboard Cases
We Are Presently Not Accepting Dodge Ram Cracking Dashboard Cases

Dodge Ram Cracking Dashboard Lawsuits


Dodge Ram Cracking Dashboard Lawsuits

Do you, or did you, own or lease a Dodge Ram vehicle, model years 1998-2007? Has your Dodge Ram dashboard cracked or have chucks of your dashboard separated from your car? Scores of Dodge Ram owners and lessees of Dodge Rams across all model lines—1500-3500—have filed complaints alleging their vehicles suffer from significant manufacturing and design defects that are being seen in nearly a decade’s worth of models.

Dodge Ram Cracking Dashboard Problems

If your Dodge Ram has experienced a defect in its dashboard that goes beyond normal wear and tear, you might be eligible to file a Dodge Ram Defective Dashboard lawsuit. We are currently offering free legal consultations to owners and lessees of 1998-2007 Dodge Ram vehicles who have incurred substantial costs due to problems with these vehicles. To find out how we can help you recover repair costs and related damages, please contact us today.

Consumers Are Afraid to Drive Their Dodge Ram Vehicles

The Center for Auto Safety lists pages of consumer complaints over defective Dodge Ram dashboards. Dodge Ram owners and lessees describe exposed wires, air ducts, heater cores, and dangerous shards; that shards have flown out of the air ducts, striking drivers in the face; and that pieces of the dashboard litter the vehicle and pose risks to passengers, especially young children. Consumers say they are worried about what would happen should they hit a bump and are terrified that in the event of a crash, should the airbag be deployed, the driver could be attacked with rapidly shooting shards that would cut the driver in the face and body. Other consumers point out that they fear the shards are damaging airbags, rendering the safety device useless. Some drivers say they no longer drive their Dodge Rams because the dashboard defects makes the vehicles unsafe.

Michael Wickenden, operator of the website, described the Ram dashboards as “definitely one of the top problems right now, mainly in model years from 1999 to 2003, all across the Dodge Ram model line from the 1500 all the way up to the 3500,” according to The New York Times. Wickenden said his site has received nearly 1,700 complaints over 1998-2007 Ram Truck model years, many in 2003 models.

In one of hundreds of complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a Dodge Ram Owner wrote: “The entire dashboard was separated from the vehicle, causing the wires to shorten. As a result, the horn and exterior lighting failed intermittently. The air bag was also exposed.” Another owner described driving with the windows down and having “part of the cracked dashboard to fly up and hit my face … it caused me to lose control for a second,” The New York Times reported.

Chrysler Refusing to Pay for Dodge Ram Dashboard Repairs

Although consumer complaints are being received on a number of advocacy and safety sites, consumers say that Chrysler has refused to pay for repairs. Chrysler says no safety problem exists and that it has not received any injury claims. Owners feel differently and say that even when their Dodge Rams are under warranty, Chrysler refused to make repairs, saying, for instance, that the problem was cosmetic, said The New York Times. Experts say the flying and exposed shards present a safety hazard

Legal Help for Dodge Ram Owners and Lessees

If you own a Dodge Ram vehicle that has been plagued with defective and dangerous dashboard problems, you may have valuable legal rights. To find out how you can recover your financial damages via a Dodge Ram Defective Dashboard lawsuit, please fill out our online form, or call 1 800 YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529) today.


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