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GAF Elk Cross Timbers Class Action Lawsuit

GAF Elk Cross Timbers Class Action Lawsuit: Defective Decking Subject to Premature Deterioration

GAF Elk Cross Timbers Class Action Lawsuit: Defective Decking Subject to Premature Deterioration

GAF Elk Cross Timbers Class Action Lawsuit: Defective Decking Subject to Premature Deterioration

Our firm is representing consumers in class action lawsuits over GAF Cross Timbers Decking. GAF's Cross Timbers are marketed as being low-maintenance and easy-to-install, but customers allege that the product is defective, leading to degradation and, ultimately, failure. As a result of the alleged defects, consumers have to spend extra money and time to replace the faulty product. Parker Waichman LLP has years of experience handling class action lawsuits over defective products. If you or someone you know purchased GAF's Cross Timbers Decking, contact our firm today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

GAF Cross Timbers Decking is Defective, Deteriorates Prematurely

GAF’s Cross Timbers Decking is comprised of cellulosic material, such as wood-fiber or rice hulls, which are encapsulated by a plastic binder that is intended to protect these materials from deterioration by keeping out air, moisture, and ultraviolet light out. These conditions may cause damage to the inner materials.

GAF marketed Cross Timbers Decking as a durable, low-maintenance product that is superior to traditional wood decking. The company claimed that the decking would last 20 years without any defects, such as sagging, splintering, warping, rotting, scratching, and high-traffic wear and tear. Based on these claims, GAF charged high prices for Cross Timbers Decking.

Contrary to GAF's claims, however, the decking allegedly has defects that lead to premature failure. The plastic binding materials that encapsulate the cellulosic materials are allegedly inadequate; the material is too thin, loses surface texture, cracks, and erodes. As a result, the materials absorb moisture and swell. The pressure from the swelling causes the plastic binder to crack and lets in additional moisture, leading to degradation. The alleged defect causes the product to fail, which may manifest as cracking, warping, swelling, expansion, discoloration, staining, and spotting, as well as biological growth, including mold, mildew, and fungal rot. These failures allegedly occur despite installation, maintenance, and cleaning as the problem lies within the faulty plastic binder.

Cross Timbers Warranty

Due to the defects, the claims GAF made about Cross Timbers Decking were allegedly false. The product was sold with a Limited Warranty, which is limited to 20 years in duration and is meant to cover the cost of the replacement decking material. Additionally, the warranty is only applicable for the original owner of the decking unless a $75 transfer fee is paid, which allows for a one-time transfer. GAF's Cross Timbers Decking allegedly fails during its expected useful life because of its inherent defects.

GAF's limited warranty also did not include coverage for labor and/or installation costs associated with replacement decking, despite knowing that the product is faulty and vulnerable to premature failure. The exception to this is if the warranty claim is made within two years of purchase. As a result, consumers who replaced the defective decking after the first two years during the warranty period were forced to pay for the cost of labor associated with installing replacement decking.

GAF Cross Timbers Decking Customers Who Have Questions

If you or someone you know purchased GAF Cross Timbers Decking, you may have valuable legal rights. We urge you to contact our Product Liability attorneys by filling out our online form, or calling 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529).


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