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Lennox Air Conditioning Coils Prone to Degradation

Lennox Air Conditioning Coils Prone to Corrosion, Leaks

Lennox Air Conditioning Coils Prone to Degradation, Leads to AC Failure

Lennox Air Conditioning Coils Prone to Degradation, Leads to AC Failure

The firm is investigating a class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers who have purchased central air conditioning units manufactured by Lennox International, Inc. Lennox International, Inc. manufactures heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products for residential use in the United States and sells central air conditioning units under its own trade name.

Lennox air conditioners are constructed with a component known as an evaporator coil, which is essential to appropriate operation of the unit. Freon (refrigerant) within the evaporator coil absorbs atmospheric heat that passes over a tube and acts as a heat exchange. This process cools the air in the home. Typically, these evaporator coils are manufactured using copper tubing; however, copper coils are vulnerable to formicary corrosion, a type of degradation that occurs due to a chemical reaction between volatile organic compounds and the copper tubes. The resulting degradation creates microscopic tunnels within the tubing that cause the coil to leak refrigerant.

The carbon-based compounds are released during many typical household activities and from many household products, including wood furniture and flooring, carpeting, cleaning products, air fresheners, and cosmetics, to name just some.

When formicary corrosion occurs within an evaporator coil, the leakage is often difficult to detect. Allegedly, what typically occurs is that the consumer repeatedly fills the air conditioning unit with Freon, an ongoing and costly endeavor that only serves to mask the problem temporarily. Ultimately, the leak is detected and the coil requires replacement.

The makers of air conditioners have long known about this vulnerability in copper coils to formicary corrosion because changes in housing and in consumer habits have increased the incidence of the corrosion and have made this issue more recognizable. Because newer homes are being made to be more energy efficient by sealing windows and doors, less heated and cooled air escapes, leading to increased accumulation of the compounds in indoor air. Some HVAC contractors have expressed concern over the increasing reports of formicary corrosion.

Lennox Has Not Adopted Improved Technique, Does Not Advise Consumers of Defects

Meanwhile, there are number of design and manufacturing techniques available that either reduce or prevent formicary corrosion. For example, coils made with aluminum, tin plate, or polymer sealed copper are more effective against formulary corrosion than copper. In fact, other air conditioner manufacturers use these components, virtually eliminating the corrosion incidence in their products.

Lennox is allegedly aware of the copper coil susceptibility to formicary corrosion and is also aware of the various remedies, yet continues to design and manufacture its air conditioning systems with the inferior components.

What’s more, Lennox also allegedly continues to replace failed coils with similarly defective coils and has neglected to take any of established steps to reduce Lennox coils from degradation associated with formicary corrosion. Allegedly, Lennox has also not advised its customers that Lennox ACs are susceptible to formicary corrosion, the cause of the formicary corrosion, and that there is a remedy to this problem.

When the Freon in a Lennox unit leaks, rendering the AC unable to provide cool air, and this occurs during the warranty period, Lennox allegedly replaces the Freon and leaves the defective coil in place, according to the lawsuit’s allegations. Once the warranty expires, consumers are faced with having to replace the defective evaporator call with no recourse from Lennox. Should Lennox replace the coil, the coil is allegedly replaced with the same defective product, which may rupture prematurely, leaking Freon with normal use. Given all of these issues, the Lennox warranties fail in their essential purpose.

Legal Help for People Who Purchased a Lennox Air Conditioner

If you purchased a Lennox air conditioner, you may be entitled to compensation. To find out more about your legal rights, fill out our online form for a free evaluation of your case. You can also call our office at 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529).


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