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Product Defect Class Action Lawsuit: Vortens Toilets

Product Defect Class Action Lawsuit: Vortens Toilets

The product liability lawyers at Parker Waichman LLP are investigating a potential class action lawsuit involving Vortens toilets. Reports suggest that the toilets are defective and prone to cracking. These alleged product defects may cause water damage and flood damage, sometimes costing consumers thousands of dollars in repairs. According to one expert, some of their toi

    lets may be cracking because they were not heated to a high enough temperature during the manufacturing process, making the material weaker than expected. The alleged defects appear to occur with normal use and normal pressure. A recall has not been issued thus far.

    Vortens Toilets Allegedly Crack, Leading to Water Damage

    Consumers across the country have complained of problems with toilets manufactured by Vortens, a company based in Mexico. Reports say that the toilets crack unexpectedly and with normal use, causing water to cover the floor. In some cases, cracked toilets have caused water and flood damage, leading to costly repairs.

    A forensic engineering consultant told Fox10 News that the issue likely stems from the toilets not being heated to a high enough temperature during manufacture. As such, the toilets are not able to withstand normal use. "Approximately 2,000 of their toilet tanks have been under-fired in their kilns," the forensic engineering consultant said. "If they're not fired to a high enough temperature, or kept in the kiln for a long enough period of time, then they don't get as strong, the strength of the material won't come out like it should. So, the end result is that they won't hold water for a long period of time."

    The consultant was hired by a dental clinic in Nashville, Tennessee. There, four Vortens toilets cracked and flooded the bathroom. He blogged about the cracked toilets, and has received similar complaints from consumers across the country. "As soon as one of these tanks cracks, it's going to be immediate water leakage onto the floor," he said according to Fox10. "But if allowed to run, before it's noticed, which means the water supply to the tank is going to be on, the water is just going to flow wherever it's going to flow."

    Product Defect

    Consumer Complaints, Costly Water Damage

    Fox10 News reports that an employee at the station experienced the faulty toilet issue in her own home. "My husband, actually, was giving my son a bath upstairs, and all of a sudden I hear screaming…. I go upstairs to see what all the commotion is, and the toilet had just burst on its own," the news station employee said. "My first thought was, you must've done something. What? Did you stand on it? Were you and Jake being crazy? And he was kneeling, not even close to the toilet, by the tub. And it cracked, literally from the bottom of the toilet all the way up the side, and all the water just came out. That was scary and crazy." The cracked toilet incident occurred in August 2016. The employee reported the issue shortly after, but the company did not reply until contacted by the news station in November 2016.

    "I have three toilets in my house that are that manufacturer date, so I have to replace two more, because basically we're sitting on a ticking time bomb," the woman said. Vortens has since offered to reimburse the employee and replace the two other toilets.

    Similarly, Click2Houston shares the story of one consumer who says her Vortens toilet cracked while she was at work. Luckily, her in-laws were in the house at the time and shut the water off before major damage could occur. However, she says Vortens has refused to replace the cracked toilet or the three other Vortens toilets in the house.

    "I think they should take care of it," she said. "It's not my mistreatment of the product. It's a faulty product on their part, and they should take responsibility."

    Another consumer says a faulty Vortens toilet caused over $20,000 in flood damage. The incident occurred in 2013. The woman says the company has only agreed to cover her deductible, which totaled $4,390.

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has not recalled the toilets, to date. Fox10 News asked the agency about the issue, and whether a recall would be launched. The CPSC reportedly said that a recall would be issued if the alleged defect poses a safety hazard.

    Filing a Vortens Toilet Class Action Lawsuit

    If you or someone you know is interested in filing a Vortens product defect class action lawsuit, contact Parker Waichman today. Our experienced product liability attorneys offer free, no-obligation case evaluations. For more information, fill out our online form or call 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529).


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