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Sears Extended Warranty Complaints
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Sears Extended Warranty Complaints

Sears Extended Warranty Complaints Class Action Lawsuit

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Have you had problems with a Sears extended warranty you purchased for an appliance or other product? Our firm is investigating complaints from consumers who are unhappy with the way Sears handles repairs under these extended warranties. Often, it takes weeks for Sears to arrange for technicians to make repairs to stoves, washers, dryers and other products covered under these extended warranties. In other cases, consumers complain that Sears won't replace products when repairs fail to fix a problem. Even worse, Sears sometimes refuses to perform any repairs by claiming that "abuse" on the part of a consumer caused the problem.

If you have experienced these types of problems with a one of these agreements, our Sears extended warranty lawyers want to hear from you today. We may be able to help you obtain compensation. For a free evaluation of your case, please contact one of our Sears extended warranty lawyers today.

Sears Extended Warranties

Extended warranties are basically insurance contracts that cover, among other things, parts and labor for repairs and replacements due to normal wear and tear (not abuse), and service calls. Sears offers several types of warranty programs, with most offering the following benefits:

  • Repairs made by Sears repair specialists.
  • A guarantee to replace the item if adequate parts aren't available or if the technician doesn't know how to fix the problem.
  • In-home repair service or service at convenient Sears repair facilities.
  • No hidden fees. All parts and labor needed to fix your appliance are covered during the first 3 years.
  • A free annual checkup of your appliance to see if anything is beginning to go wrong.
  • Free tech support for help with using the appliance.
  • A choice of warranty lengths and the ability to transfer or renew the warranty.

Sears extended warranties can be purchased for stoves, dishwashers, washers and dryers, TVs, microwave ovens, power tools and many other products sold at Sears.

Unfortunately, it appears that many consumers are learning that Sears' promises fall short when they try to use their extended warranty. Internet forums are full of such complaints. Here are a few examples:

  • "Bought a Sears Chainsaw spring of '06. Also purchased the extended service agreement (maintenance warranty) as the salesman promised me it would "take care of anything that went wrong". After the ice storm in Jan of 07 I had several trees damaged and was clearing them with the chainsaw when it quit, and wouldn't restart. I took the saw to the local sears maintenance center, they shipped it off to the repair facility. I got advisory back to call the repair facility, which I did, they advised it would cost me 115.00 + to fix the chainsaw, (nearly as much as the original cost). It is still covered by the two year extended maintenance agreement until spring '08. The repair facility claimed "abuse" was not covered. How can one abuse a chainsaw?" (Complaints Board, 2/2007)
  • "My dishwasher broke (loud noise, smell, hot, no water) on March 31. Called Sears for service on April 1, and they agreed to come out and so we scheduled repair for April 8th (1-5pm). Was called at 1pm on that day all for them to tell me that there was no available technician, reschedule for April 19th. Not even able to talk to a supervisor at Sears. Just gave me a huge run around and no solutions to fix the problem." (, 4/2010)
  • "My washer broke on August 4, 2010. Today is August 25, 2010 and it is still broken. When I called for service on Aug. 4, they did not have an appointment in my area until August 12. More than a week later. I have twin sons and really need a washer. When the tech came on the 12th, of course he did not have the parts needed to fix it and had to order them. We were rescheduled for August 30. We called to complain about this and the customer service rep told us that we could not reschedule for an earlier appointment until the parts come in (they were being delivered to our home). Once they came in, we called to get an earlier appointment and got one for August 27. Today we got a call that we needed to reschedule our appointment - today is August 25. Apparently the customer service rep scheduled us for an appointment on a day that there is no tech in our area!!! So we now have an appointment for August 31 - a day later than our original appointment! We get nowhere when we call to complain." (, 8/2010)

A quick Google search for "Sears Extended Warranty Complaints" yields hundreds of similar stories. Our Sears extended warranty agreement lawyers are trying to determine if this type of behavior represents a concerted effort on the part of Sears to avoid paying warranty claims.

Legal Help for Sears Extended Warranty Customers

We are offering a free legal consultation to Sears extended warranty customers who have been dissatisfied with the service they've received from Sears. We urge you to contact us today by filling out our online form, or call 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529) today.


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