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Shopping Cart Injury

Shopping Cart Injury Lawsuits

Shopping Cart Injury | Lawsuits, Lawyers | Injury, Death | Children, Warnings

Parents on a daily basis put their children in shopping cart seats while shopping at the drugstore or grocery shopping without thinking there is any risk. An estimated 24,000 children were treated in hospitals for shopping cart-related injuries in 2005 that included bruises, bumps and fatalities. On August 7, 2006, many of the top pediatricians throughout the United States warned parents against putting children in shopping carts.

Falls accounted for an estimated 58% of children's shopping-cart-related injuries. Shopping carts tipped over themselves an additional 26% of cases, typically injuring children under 2 and often when an older sibling was climbing on or standing in the cart. Other children were hurt when they became trapped in a cart, fell while riding on the outside of a cart or were run over by a cart. The majority of shopping carts are approximately four feet off the ground.

Many shopping cart accidents that result in injuries or death occur when a child reaches for an item on a shelf, often when a parent is not paying attention. An additional Canadian study determined that preschoolers could be out of the shopping cart seat in three seconds. ABC News' 20/20 investigation found that with even the slightest push a cart could come crashing to the ground. Dr. Gary Smith of Columbus Children's Hospital said carts that keep children low to the ground and less at risk could prevent injuries. He also found that when stores had greeters who remind parents how to secure their children in the carts safely, the number of parents who did so tripled.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) stated that when the agency established the standards for shopping carts they looked into the issue of stability and concluded that the overwhelming injuries that took place were not caused by stability issues, but from falling out or falling off the cart. As a result, the CPSC shifted their focus on warning labels on the carts and the seat belt requirements.

Legal Help For Victims Affected By Shopping Cart Injury

If your child fell out of a shopping cart and was seriously injured, please fill out the form at the right for a free case evaluation by a qualified products liability attorney or call us at 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529).


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Shopping Carts Injure Thousands of Kids Annually

Jan 31, 2014
A new study reveals that scores of children are hurt every day due to shopping cart accidents. Injuries are significant enough to warrant emergency room treatment. According to a study conducted by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, about 66 children are injured because of shopping carts every day in the United States. Injuries involve falls and spills and average one injury every 22 minutes, amounting to more than 24,000 child injuries annually, according to NBC...

A cart full of danger

Aug 9, 2006 |
Of all the things parents worry about, a child taking a nosedive off a shopping cart and suffering a concussion or fractured skull has to be near the bottom of the list.      But it may happen more often than you think. The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates in a new report that 20,700 children younger than 5 years old were treated in U.S. emergency rooms last year after "shopping cart-related injuries."      Head and neck injuries are the most common, the...

Shopping Cart Dangers: How to Prevent Injuries

Aug 7, 2006 |
Every day, parents put their children in shopping carts while they peruse the aisles of the grocery store, but they might be surprised to hear that's not always a great idea. According to a new study, an estimated 24,000 children were treated in hospitals for shopping cart-related injuries last year. While some are bumps are bruises, some of those injuries actually are fatal. Dawn Tolan learned just how quickly an accident can happen when her daughter Ellie reached for something on a shelf,...

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