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Tamiflu Class Action Lawsuit

Tamiflu® (oseltamivir phosphate) Class Action Lawsuit

Tamiflu Class Action Lawsuit for no Effectiveness

Tamiflu Class Action Lawsuit for no Effectiveness

Parker Waichman LLP is investigating a potential class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers who took Tamiflu. According to the company’s website, Tamiflu used to treat people 1 year and older with influenza (flu) whose symptoms started within 2 days prior.

Recent reports suggest that the injection, which was marketed to stop the flu, may not actually be effective. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has asked Roche, the Swiss pharmaceutical company that manufactures Tamiflu, to release its data on the drug while some experts have called for legal action, advocating for a boycott against the company’s products until the missing information is published. If you took the prescription medication Tamiflu to stop the flu, our attorneys would like to speak with you. Contact one of our product liability lawyers today to discuss joining a class action lawsuit.

Tamiflu® Overview

Roche Laboratories gained approval for Tamiflu in 1999 to treat symptoms of the influenza virus. It is also used to prevent the flu in patients who have been exposed to it, but do not have symptoms yet. Separate from the yearly flu shot, Tamiflu is supposed to shorten the duration of the flu or slow its progression by preventing the virus from multiplying within the body. It is used to treat both the season flu and new influenza viruses such as bird or swine flu. Research published by the British Medical Journal, however, suggests that there is no evidence that Tamiflu is effective in stopping influenza.

Roche has come under scrutiny in the past over Tamiflu due to reported behavioral and psychiatric side effects in children, such as self-injury, hallucinations, delirium and death. The company is being investigated by the European Medicines Agency for failing to report side effects for 19 drugs, including Tamiflu. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the suspect drugs were used in some 80,000 patients in the US and included reports of possible deaths.

No Evidence that Tamiflu® Works, Scientists Say

Bloomberg News reports that in 2009, the British Medical Journal and researchers at the Nordic Cochrane Centre evaluated Tamiflu and found no evidence that the drug reduces the risk of complications from the flu. The researchers asked Roche to release all of its data on Tamiflu. But according to BMJ editor Fiona Godlee, the company has failed to provide adequate data. “Despite a public promise to release (internal company reports) for each (Tamiflu) trial...Roche has stonewalled,” she said in an editorial published in October 2012.  

Dozens of governments around the world have stocked up on Tamiflu in the event of a global flu epidemic. Experts are now calling for legal action against Roche in light of the missing evidence. Peter Gotzche, leader of the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen, said "I suggest we boycott Roche's products until they publish missing Tamiflu data," Gotzche also said that governments should take legal action against the company to get back the money “needlessly” spent on stockpiling the drug.

Roche has issue a statement claiming that it has complied with legal requirements and provided 3,200 pages of data in response to researchers’ inquiries, but certain aspects of clinical data have still not been released.

Legal Help for Patients who Received Tamiflu®

If you or a loved one took the prescription drug Tamiflu, you may have valuable legal rights. To find out more about joining a Tamiflu class action lawsuit, please  fill out our online form or contact one of our experienced product liability lawyers today at 1(800)-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529).


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