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Taser Stun Guns
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Taser Stun Guns

Taser Stun Guns Injury Lawsuits

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Thousands of police departments buy Tasers on a claim that the electric stun guns will instantly take down suspects without inflicting harm. That assertion of safety has generated record sales for Taser International Inc., which markets its guns as alternatives to deadly force and says its goal is to arm every police officer in America.

But an Arizona Republic investigation has revealed that Taser's claims are based on autopsy reports the company never possessed. For years, Taser officials cited these reports as proof that the stun guns never caused "injury or death to another human being." Now, officials acknowledge they never had those autopsy reports and didn't start collecting them until April.

The Republic's review of autopsies and interviews with medical examiners found Tasers have been linked to at least five deaths. Medical examiners in three cases involving suspects who died in police custody cited Tasers as a cause or a contributing factor in the deaths. In two other cases, Tasers could not be ruled out as a cause of death.

These deaths raise questions about a weapon police routinely use on those who refuse to obey commands. Kelly Deitrich, whose brother, Raymond Siegler, died in February after being shot by police with a Taser in a Minneapolis group home for mentally ill people, said Taser's explanations are misleading. "That is the polite way to say it," she says. "The other way to say it is they are full of you-know-what."

The Republic, using computer searches, media accounts, police reports and Taser's own records, identified 44 cases in the United States and Canada of death following a police Taser strike from September 1999 to March 2004. In its special report, Taser cited 42 deaths. The Republic began with those 42 cases and eliminated two because suspects were fatally shot by police with a regular gun after being shot with a Taser. The Republic then identified four additional cases not included in Taser's report.

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Justice Department to review TASER deaths

Jun 14, 2006 | AP
Law enforcers have counted more than 180 deaths in the years since TASERs came into widespread use to stun suspects. Now the government says it's time to do an official safety review. Stun guns have soared in popularity as a nonlethal alternative to bullet-firing guns. But some suspects do die after being shocked by the electronic control devices. The Justice Department's research arm counts 184 such deaths, most of them since 2000. Amnesty International has called for a moratorium on stun...

Death of Disabled Woman in Wheelchair Following Taser Shock Prompts Renewed Calls for Tighter Restrictions On Stun Gun's Use

Apr 26, 2006 | Newsinferno News Staff
Taser stun guns have been at the center of an ongoing controversy for years with respect to their safety as “non-lethal” weapons. The debate has developed along two distinct lines, however. The first is whether Tasers, even when used as instructed, are potentially deadly because of a number of pre-existing conditions suffered by many individuals or due to the location at which the shocking device attaches itself to a suspect in some situations. The second has to do with training...

Study raises concerns over Tasers' safety

Feb 13, 2006 | Arizona Republic
A study measuring electric shocks from a Taser stun gun found that it was 39 times more powerful than the manufacturer claimed, raising new questions about the weapon's safety.The study, published last month in the peer-reviewed Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers, concluded that the shocks are powerful enough to cause fatal heart rhythms. It is one of the few scientific studies of Taser's electric jolt in which the company did not participate."The findings show the energy...

Taser Faces Major Challenge as First Product-Liability Trial Begins in Arizona

Dec 3, 2005 |
The courtroom fireworks surrounding Merck’s battle for survival in the ongoing state and federal Vioxx trials in New Jersey and Texas have captured the headlines for the past several weeks. During that time, however, another major corporation has been in a similar struggle to save itself from the injuries and deaths claimed to be caused by one of its products.Stun gun manufacturer, Taser International Inc., of Scottsdale, Arizona, has been embroiled in a number of legal problems...

Taser Saga Continues as Chicago Teenager Suffers Near-Fatal Ventricular Fibrillation after Being Shocked with Stun Gun

Sep 4, 2005 |
Tasers continue to be used by many law enforcement agencies under the premise they are safe, non-lethal weapons that save lives. However, it is getting more and more difficult for Taser supporters to explain away the mounting number of cases in which people have died or suffered serious or life-threatening injuries after being shocked.This week, The New York Times reported on a case involving a Chicago teenager who was caused to go into ventricular fibrillation as a result of being shocked with...

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