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Traumatic Brain Injury
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Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury Accidents Lawsuits

Traumatic Brain Injury | Lawsuits, Lawyers | Accidents: Death, Fatalities, Hospitalization, TBI-Related Disabilities

Traumatic Brain Injury

Of all types of injury, those to the brain are among the most likely to result in death or permanent disability. Estimates of traumatic brain injury (TBI) incidence, severity, and cost reflect the enormous losses to individuals, their families, and society from these injuries. According to the CDC, each year more than 80,000 Americans survive a hospitalization for traumatic brain injury but are discharged with TBI-related disabilities and 5.3 million Americans are living today with a TBI-related disability.

Twenty-two percent of people who have a TBI die from their injuries. The risk of having a TBI is especially high among adolescents, young adults, and people older than 75 years of age. For persons of all ages, the risk of TBI among males is twice the risk among females. The leading causes of TBI are motor vehicle crashes, violence, and falls. Nearly two-thirds of firearm-related TBIs are classified as suicidal in intent.

The leading causes of TBI vary by age: falls are the leading cause of TBI among persons aged 65 years and older, whereas transportation leads among persons aged 5 to 64 years. Traumatic brain injury can greatly affect many cognitive, physical, and psychological skills. Physical deficit can include ambulation, balance, coordination, fine motor skills, strength, and endurance.

Cognitive deficits of language and communication, information processing, memory, and perceptual skills are common. Psychological status is also often altered. Adjustment to disability issues are frequently encountered by people with TBI.

Because the majority of traumatic brain injuries are caused by accidents, many innocent people unnecessarily suffer because of the carelessness of others. The economic burden of treating traumatic brain injury patients is between 9 billion dollars and 10 billion dollars per year. It is estimated that persons suffering a severe traumatic brain injury may incur between 600,000.00 dollars and 1.9 million dollars in long term rehabilitative care. With this in mind, a qualified lawyer with extensive experience in handling traumatic brain injury cases, should be hired as quickly as possible, to seek the compensation you and your family deserve.

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