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UPS Broken Shipment Claims
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UPS Broken Shipment Claims

UPS Broken Shipments Claims Wrongfully Denied Lawsuits

UPS Broken Shipments Claims | Lawsuits, Lawyers | Financial Losses, Damages | Wrongfully Denied Claims, UPS Insurance Claim, UPS Reimbursement

Has United Parcel Services (UPS) refused to honor your insurance claim for a broken shipment? Our firm is investigating allegations that UPS will go to any lengths to avoid paying for damaged shipments. Quite often, UPS claims that inadequate or damaged packaging caused a broken shipment, which allows it to avoid liability. Some consumers have even accused UPS personnel of breaking boxes and shipping containers in order to provide a reason to deny paying for a damaged shipment.

If you have experienced problems obtaining reimbursement for a UPS insurance claim, our UPS broken shipment lawyers want to hear from you. We may be able to help you obtain compensation. For a free evaluation of your case, please contact one of our UPS broken shipment lawyers today.

Is UPS Wrongfully Denying Broken Shipment Claims

According to its website, UPS will deny a damage claim for any one of a number of specific reasons. These include:

Package insufficiently sealed or closure failed Insufficient packaging, cushioning, or protection The single-wall (or double-wall) box was not sufficient to support the product's weight The product's packaging closure failed causing leakage Damage to the external case due to no protective covering The package lacked edge protection to prevent it from bending

Internet complaint forums are filled with consumer accounts of UPS denying damage claims by placing responsibility for the broken shipment on the packaging that was used. Many of these consumers insist their shipments were properly packaged and well-marked with "Fragile" and "Breakable" labels. In some instances, the consumers claimed their items were packaged by personnel at UPS stores.

These complaints are typical:

    "On February 22, 2010, the Mundelein UPS store sent me a copy of a letter from Crawford & Co. which was retained by UPS to inspect the package. The letter stated that my claim was denied because the packaging didn't meet UPS packaging standards. This was shocking to me, as the box had made it all the way from China to the store where I bought it, in its original packaging, and the UPS Store didn't raise any objection or suggest that I make changes to the packaging when I sent it. The letter also stated that UPS doesn't treat packaged marked fragile (breakable) any different than regular boxes. So, its (sic) a mystery to me why they have a box on their Order form to mark the package as "breakable." (Posted on on Jan. 2010). "Now after fighting with UPS for 2 months now they have completely denied the claim as they say we shipped it in that condition (hole in box and all) Even after our driver and the local manager at the shop testified to the UPS insurance adjuster that the unit was not shipped that way and did not leave their depot in that condition. (I assumed that was going to cinch the case for me)." (Posted, Dec. 2009)."

Our UPS broken shipment lawyers are trying to ascertain if the high number of complaints over denied claims is indicative of a policy by the company to avoid paying legitimate claims. If you believe your UPS broken shipment claim was wrongfully denied, we want to hear from you.

Legal Help for UPS Customers

We are offering a free legal consultation to UPS customers who believe their broken shipment claim was wrongfully denied. We urge you to contact us today by filling out our online form, or call 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529) today.


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