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Verizon Data Plan Overcharges
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Verizon Data Overcharges

Verizon Data Overcharges Consumer Defrauded Lawsuits

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Have you incurred  bogus data download charges from Verizon Wireless? Our consumer lawyers are investigating claims that Verizon has improperly and excessively charged customers who mistakenly launch services such as "Get it Now" or "Mobile Web" from their cell phones. If you believe you have been victimized by Verizon Wireless in this way, our consumer lawyers want to hear from you.

At least one Verizon employee has claimed that the company's phones are configured in a way that makes it easy for customers to unintentionally launch these types of services, all in an effort to  siphon more money from Verizon customers. Our consumer lawyers are taking these allegations very seriously, and intend to investigate them fully. We are exploring a class action lawsuit against Verizon, and are currently offering free case evaluations to any Verizon customer who may have been victimized by bogus data charges.

If you believe you were improperly charged data fees by Verizon, you may be entitled to a refund. Please contact one of our consumer lawyers to discuss joining our Verizon Wireless class action lawsuit today.

Allegations Of Verizon's Bogus Data Charges

According to a New York Times technology blog published in November 2009, a Verizon employee has charged that the configuration of the company's phones encourages bogus data fees. According to the blog, the phones are designed with multiple easily hit keystrokes to launch applications like ‘Get it now’ or ‘Mobile Web". Quite often, consumers strike one of these keys by mistake, and have no idea that they have launched a service until it pops up on the screen.

The obvious reactions of most consumers is to strike the "end" key or otherwise stop the application. But even if the application is terminated immediately, the customer is charged an excessive data fee. ANY data downloaded, no matter how small –even one kilobyte– is billed as 1MB.

A Verizon employee told The New York Times that phones are designed in way that makes it almost impossible to avoid such data charges. According to the employee, Verizon's marketing, billing, and technical departments are all aware of this. But they have failed to do anything about it.

The employee alleges that every month, each of Verizon's 87 million customer will mistakenly launch one of these services a few times a month. Some customers may not even notice the small charges on their bill. But at $1.99 per 1MB, these mistakes add up to more than $300 million per month in extra data revenue for Verizon.

While it is possible for customers to request that services like "Get it Now" be blocked, the Verizon whistleblower claimed that the company works hard to discourage such requests. Sales reps have been told that too many data blocks are being put on accounts now, and are even required to take classes called Alternatives to Data Blocks.

Even if a consumer has been able to block functions like "Get it Now" or "Mobile Web", they can still be charged data fees. In this case, if a button is hit by accident, and the phone transmits data, the customer receives a message that the service is blocked. Because it takes about 0.06 kilobytes of data to get that message, the customer is still charged $1.99 for an entire 1 MB of data.

Legal Help for Verizon Wireless Customers

Verizon's practice of charging data fees in this way is unethical, and unfair to consumers. Our consumer lawyers also believe that Verizon's practice may violate the consumer laws in several states.   Verizon customers who have incurred such data charges may be entitled to refunds.

If you are a Verizon Wireless customer who has incurred bogus data charges, you may have valuable legal rights. Please fill out our online form, or call 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529) to discuss joining our Verizon Wireless class action lawsuit.


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