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Vincristine Side Effects Lawsuits | Side Effects: Paralysis, Fatalities

Vincristine Side Effects Could Lead To Paralysis Lawsuits

Vincristine | Lawsuits, Lawyers | Side Effects: Paralysis, Fatalities

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) issued a warning about the use of Vincristine (Generic: Oncovin), a potent cancer drug. Vincristine is supposed to be injected into a vein but is sometimes accidentally added to spinal catheters used for different drugs in leukemia and lymphoma patients. Administering Vincristine into the spine kills nerve cells, causing paralysis, and is usually fatal. Vincristine is sold in the United States under the names Oncovin and Vincasar.

JCAHO's warning was sent to more than 4,500 hospitals. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices has received voluntary information from doctors about six U.S. cases in 30 years. However it is widely believed that more cases have existed but have gone unreported. The most recent known case involves the 2002 death of a 49-year-old New Jersey man while undergoing treatment for lymphoma. The JCAHO has advised hospitals to make sure Vincristine syringes are properly labeled with warnings that spinal injections are fatal, and that the drug is for intravenous use only. The alert also says that Vincristine also should be given to patients at different times and in different rooms than drugs administered through the spine.

Legal Help For Victims Affected By Vincristine

If you or a loved suffered from the administration of Vincristine, please fill out the form at the right for a free case evaluation by a qualified drug side effects attorney or call us anytime at 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529).


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Cancer Drug Can Kill or Paralyze When Improperly Administered

Jul 18, 2005 |
The improper administration of the powerful cancer drug Vincristine has lead to deaths or permanent paralysis in a number of patients. The fatal results occur when the drug is administered through a spinal catheter rather than being injected into a vein.The confusion is explained in part by the fact that the spinal catheter method is used for other drugs given to leukemia and lymphoma patients. An injection of vincristine directly into the spine, however, kills nerve cells and in 90% of cases...

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