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Wrongful Interference with Business Relationships

Wrongful Interference with Business Relationships

Wrongful Interference with Business Relationships

Wrongful Interference with Business Relationships

When businesses have a contract with one another, they are legally bound to the terms of that contract. Naturally, having contracts between two or more businesses is useful and often helps avoid confusion and legal battles. Sometimes, however, another party wrongly interferes with business relationships and engages in tortious interference—also known as intentional interference with contractual relations, in the common law of torts. When this occurs, the businesses affected may have grounds for a lawsuit.

The business attorneys at Parker Waichman LLP are available to help those businesses whose relationships have been compromised due to tortious interference. Legal action may be brought over interference with contractual relationships under the conditions including:

  • When two or more parties are involved in a valid contract
  • When it is shown that the alleged interferer knew about the contract
  • When the breach of contract is caused by the alleged interference
  • When the interference is found to have been intentional
  • When the plaintiff allegedly suffered damages as a result of the interference

Examples of Wrongful Interference

Wrongful interference involving a contract may take many forms. Say, for instance, that a contract exists between a vendor and a purchaser. A different vendor may interfere and persuade the purchaser to breach that agreement, causing damages to the vendor involved in the contract. A party might interfere with business relationships for financial reasons, or as retaliatory action.

Another example of tortious interference occurs when a new lessee is unable to move into the property because a holdover tenant has taken possession of that property. Wrongful interference may also occur when a party hires an artist to perform on a day that party knew was booked. In both of these cases, a party involved in a valid contract suffers damage when an outside party with prior knowledge of the contract intentionally interferes with the agreement.

Other examples include cases in which the parties involved in the contract cause the interference through fraudulent misrepresentation. For instance, one party may cause the other to overpay for a service or item by misrepresenting its cost.

Legal Help for Businesses Affected by Wrongful Interference

Tortious interference with a contract may sour relationships between businesses and lead to financial loss. The party who suffers damages as a result of the interference may be able to receive compensation for damages by filing a lawsuit. Parker Waichman LLP offers free legal advice for businesses that have been affected by wrongful interference with business relationships. Please fill out our online form or call 1(800)-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529) to speak with one of our experienced Wrongful Interference lawyers today.


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