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How Can You Receive Full Compensation for Your Injuries

Women who have been diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, Pseudotumor Cerebri, perforation of the uterus, and other similar conditions, are filing Mirena IUD lawsuits across the country. The Mirena lawsuits allege that Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Mirena, did not adequately inform women of the potential health complications that could occur with use of Mirena IUDs. These complications include serious conditions that could require prompt surgical intervention to correct and prevent permanent harm from occurring.

Parker Waichman Represents Women Injured by Mirena IUDs Throughout the Nation

For women who have used Mirena believing that this was a safe alternative to traditional methods of birth control, Parker Waichman LLP understands the turmoil and terror that you may be experiencing if you have now been diagnosed with a health complication. Our firm stays abreast of the latest legal developments and we are well prepared to help you and your family hold Bayer responsible for your injuries and losses.

Suffering an injury after using Mirena can leave you in pain, strapped for resources, and with more questions than answers. Parker Waichman LLP may not be able to reduce the amount of physical pain and mental anguish and turmoil you are experiencing, but we are available to assist you in answering questions you may have and assisting you in quickly recovering financial compensation for your injuries.

Our Record of Success Against Large Corporations

Our law firm is proud to have helped our clients recover of $2 billion through verdicts and settlements. If you have used Mirena and have been diagnosed with one or more health complications as a result, we would like to speak with you about your legal rights and how we can help.

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What are Mirena Intrauterine Devices?

Mirena is an intrauterine device, commonly called an IUD. The device is small and made out of flexible plastic materials. Mirena works to prevent pregnancy, Mirena is inserted into the woman’s uterus where it releases the hormone levonorgestrel. According to www.mirena-us.com, Mirena works to prevent pregnancy in three ways: (1) by thickening cervical mucus so that sperm cannot enter the uterus; (2) by preventing sperm from reaching and fertilizing the egg; and/or (3) causing the uterine lining to thin so that a fertilized egg cannot implant itself. The Mirena IUD is supposed to help prevent pregnancy for up to five years and is advertised as a “reversible” form of birth control.

Who Manufactures Mirena?

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals LLC is a German company whose health-related products include brands such as Aleve, Coppertone, Dr. Scholl’s, and other well-known brands. Bayer is also the manufacturer of Mirena, an intrauterine device (IUD) designed to help prevent pregnancy. Mirena became a popular alternative to other traditional forms of birth control such as condoms and “the pill” because the Mirena IUD could be inserted into a woman’s uterus and provide years of protection against pregnancy.

What Do the Mirena IUD Lawsuits Allege?

Mirena was advertised as being easy to remove and, upon removal, a woman could proceed to attempt to get pregnant much more quickly than with other forms of birth control.

The lawsuits filed against Bayer allege that Bayer did not adequately inform women of the potential health complications that could occur with use of Mirena. These included serious conditions that could require prompt surgical intervention to correct and prevent permanent harm from occurring.

Because of Bayer’s alleged failure to properly warn consumers and patients, Mirena IUD injury lawsuits are being filed across the country by women and patients who have been diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension, perforation of the uterus, pseudotumor cerebri and other similar conditions.

What Side Effects and Complications are Associated with Mirena IUDs?

When drug and health product manufacturers like Bayer Pharmaceuticals produce a new drug or device like Mirena and then release the product for use by the public, the manufacturer must take steps to ensure that the device is reasonably safe for use by its intended consumers. Trials and studies by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are designed (in part) to assess the effectiveness and usefulness of the device as well as to identify side effects and risks that may be associated with use of the device. Manufacturers have a legal obligation to provide adequate warnings to potential patients and users of the device of these side effects and risks so that patients can make informed choices regarding whether to use these devices.

In the case of Bayer, lawsuits are being filed alleging that Bayer did not provide adequate warnings to consumers that use of its Mirena IUD could lead to serious health complications and conditions.

Plaintiffs in these lawsuits specifically allege that Bayer knew or should have known that its Mirena IUD could lead to:

  • Idiopathic intracranial hypertension: This is a condition in which elevated blood pressure levels are found in and around the brain. This condition is also called pseudotumor cerebri as the symptoms can mimic those that occur when a tumor is present on the brain. The main symptoms of idiopathic intracranial hypertension include throbbing headaches, nausea, vomiting, double vision, and pulsatile tinnitus (a “ringing” in the ears that occurs at the same rhythm as the person’s pulse). If the condition is not treated, this can lead to loss of vision due to the optic discs swelling. Medications may be able to resolve some cases of idiopathic intracranial hypertension, but surgical intervention may be necessary to prevent permanent damage.
  • Migration of Mirena IUD: Once inserted, the Mirena IUD is supposed to remain stationary in the uterus. When the Mirena IUD becomes displaced, it can move to other parts of the uterus and lead to intense cramping, painful sexual intercourse, and abnormal vaginal discharge. In rare cases, the IUD can become embedded in the uterine wall or cause a tear or perforation in the uterine wall. These are serious medical emergencies that require immediate medical intervention to address.

What are the Potential Injuries that May Accompany the Use of Mirena?

Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (sometimes referred to as pseudotumor cerebri) is a condition characterized by increased blood pressure around the brain. This condition has been discovered in patients who have used Mirena and some other hormonal contraceptives. Perforation of the uterine wall, infections, and migration of the Mirena IUD have also been reported. In addition, users of Mirena may also lead to ovarian cysts, pelvic pain, and other side effects.

Should You Stop Using Mirena?

If you have developed side effects like idiopathic intracranial hypertension, or if you are concerned about developing side effects, speak with a doctor right away about discontinuing Mirena. As with any other medication, you should obtain medical advice from a qualified professional prior to discontinuing use.

What Compensation Could You Be Awarded?

While cases alleging Mirena IUD migration and perforation have been filed for the past several years, claims based upon allegations that the Mirena IUD has led to idiopathic intracranial hypertension and its related signs and symptoms are a relatively new occurrence.

Successful Mirena IUD migration/perforation lawsuits could lead to a jury verdict or lawsuit settlement that compensation you for:

  • Your medical expenses, including the costs of surgery and any follow-up appointments;
  • Prescription medications or medical devices you may need during your recovery;
  • Lost wages for time you missed from work;
  • Lost future earnings if you are not able to return to your previous employment;
  • Additional household or “everyday” expenses you incurred as a result of your condition, such as daycare expenses if you were not able to care for your children or the costs of home health care (if the same was determined to be needed by your doctor);
  • Mental pain, anguish, and suffering;
  • Other economic and noneconomic damages associated with your use of Mirena.

Parker Waichman is committed to helping you recover the maximum amount of compensation possible for your Mirena IUD injuries. Contact our experienced and knowledgeable recovery team today for prompt and professional assistance with your case.

Do I Have Grounds for a Claim?

Users of Mirena who have been diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension or certain other conditions may be able to obtain compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, lost future earnings, surgical costs, costs associated with rehabilitation and/or therapy, mental pain and anguish, and any other losses or expenses that can be connected with your Mirena use. In many cases, an analysis of your medical records by a medical expert can help determine whether your Mirena use has led to any of the conditions with which you have been diagnosed and that are negatively impacting your life. Your chances of successfully recovering compensation increases when:

  • Your use of Mirena is well-documented through medical records, receipts, etc.;
  • You promptly discussed side effects with your doctor or other qualified medical professional;
  • You followed the advice and direction of your medical professional or doctor (i.e., you had your Mirena device removed upon your doctor’s recommendation);
  • You spoke with your doctor or medical professional about Mirena’s side effects but such discussions did not adequately or accurately advise you of the potential risks of using Mirena;
  • You took prompt legal action to protect your rights after you suspected that you may have suffered a Mirena-related injury.

Time to File Your Claim is Limited by Law

Taking prompt legal action after learning or suspecting you suffered an injury because of your Mirena use is a key step in recovering compensation. Depending upon the state in which your Mirena lawsuit is filed, you may only have a very short period of time within which to initiate your lawsuit. If you fail to file a claim within this time period, you may be prevented from being able to obtain any compensation at all. For this reason, you should speak with Parker Waichman LLP about your legal rights as soon as possible.

Process of Filing a Mirena IUD Lawsuit

Before you are able to recover any compensation from Bayer and/or others because of your Mirena-related injuries, it must be established that you have in fact suffered harm as a result of using Mirena. Therefore, one of the first steps your Mirena injury lawyer will take is to evaluate your medical records and other available evidence and make a determination as to the strength of your case. In general, the more objective evidence there is to establish that you used Mirena and that you suffered from idiopathic intracranial hypertension, pseudotumor cerebri, or other known health complications associated with Mirena, the more likely it is that your lawsuit will succeed.

Medical/Legal Evaluation

If you and your attorney decide that it makes sense to file a lawsuit, your attorney will prepare the initial pleadings that set forth the facts and legal authorities that establish you are entitled to monetary compensation. These initial pleadings will then be served (or delivered in accordance with the law) to Bayer and/or any other individuals or entities named as defendants in your suit. These individuals and/or entities will then have an opportunity to respond to your allegations.

Discovery Phase

If it appears that there is a legitimate question as to whether you are entitled to compensation from these initial pleadings, the case will next enter the discovery phase. During this period (which may last several months or longer), you/your attorney and the other parties involved in your case will exchange information and evidence you intend to rely upon at trial. Depositions will be conducted during this time as well: you may be deposed, and any other witnesses you intend to use at trial (including expert witnesses) may be deposed as well.

Reach a Settlement or Trial by Jury

Once discovery has been completed, your case is ready for trial. At any point prior to a verdict being returned by a judge or jury, however, your case may reach a settlement. A settlement occurs when you and Bayer and/or the other named defendants agree to resolve the dispute outside of court, usually by the defendant paying the injury victim some amount of compensation in exchange for the injury victim giving up his or her right to pursue additional compensation for his or her injuries.

From beginning to end, it may take several months (at the earliest) to a year or more in order for your Mirena injury lawsuit to be fully resolved. The time it takes to resolve your case can be hastened, however, with the assistance of your experienced Mirena lawsuit lawyer. Therefore, speak with Parker Waichman LLP today.

How Can a Mirena Lawyer From Your Firm Help Me?

Succeeding in your quest for compensation for your Mirena-related injuries does not happen without legal knowledge and skill. There are many opportunities for your quest for financial compensation to become delayed or frustrated: at these times, experienced legal counsel can help ensure your claim continues to move forward. Furthermore, because of the complicated nature of Mirena lawsuits, you may need to present testimony and/or sworn affidavits from one or more expert witnesses in order to connect your injuries and losses to your use of Mirena. Many individuals who have been injured because of Mirena find that the time and resources necessary to complete these critical tasks is too great, especially at a time when their own personal resources are already stretched thin.

Discuss Your Legal Rights With One of Our Mirena Attorneys Today

You have a strong, experienced, and caring ally in Parker Waichman LLP if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension or some other injurious condition after using Mirena. Your ability to secure your and your family’s financial future can depend on having knowledgeable and dedicated legal counsel to assist you.

Allow the Mirena injury lawyers at Parker Waichman LLP to help guide you on your path to obtaining compensation and damages for your Mirena-related losses, expenses, and injuries.

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