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  What’s not to love about riding your motorcycle around Suffolk County? Whether a motorcycle appeals to you because of its small size and the ability to zip about to and fro or you like the “biker lifestyle” that comes with owning a motorcycle, riders in Suffolk County know that these perks of motorcycle riding […]

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers


What’s not to love about riding your motorcycle around Suffolk County? Whether a motorcycle appeals to you because of its small size and the ability to zip about to and fro or you like the “biker lifestyle” that comes with owning a motorcycle, riders in Suffolk County know that these perks of motorcycle riding come with significant risks. Serious injuries or even death can be the result when a biker is involved in a motorcycle accident. Suffolk County sees far too many motorcycle crash injuries, and they can happen to any biker regardless of whether the accident is their fault.

Motorcycle collisions in Suffolk County are not to be taken lightly. The injuries and resulting financial harm and stress these accidents can cause for injured bikers and their families can be devastating. Motorcycle accident lawsuits filed on behalf of injured motorcyclists can help alleviate some of these stresses and fears. At Parker Waichman LLP, our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Suffolk County, New York, can help you to get the compensation you deserve. Call today for a free consultation to get started on your Suffolk County motorcycle accident claim.

Causes of Motorcycle Collisions in Suffolk County

Like other types of traffic collisions, a Suffolk County motorcycle accident can happen in the blink of an eye. In the clear majority of cases, little can be done once a careless act is committed and the chain of events leading to a collision is set in motion. Motorcycle collisions in Suffolk County can only truly be prevented by bikers and other motorists driving their vehicles in a careful manner. This means avoiding negligent behaviors such as:

  • Cutting off or pulling in front of motorcyclists: Despite public awareness campaigns and other efforts to make motorists aware of motorcyclists on the road, drivers of trucks and passenger vehicles can still fail to remember to check for motorcyclists before changing lanes. Or motorists may feel as if they can “beat” an oncoming motorcyclist and turn in front of them. In either case, motorcyclists may be required to take evasive maneuvers and may end up crashing into other vehicles or obstacles.
  • Not using caution when opening doors: Drivers who park their cars on the street are usually careful to make sure other cars and trucks are not approaching before opening their doors. However, motorists may not take the time to scan the street for approaching motorcyclists before opening their doors. Car doors that suddenly open into the path of oncoming motorcycles can easily send a motorcyclist flying off of their bike, causing catastrophic injuries.
  • Disregarding right-of-way rules: Other drivers’ impatience and failure to follow rules may also lead to a motorcycle accident. In Suffolk County, New York‘s traffic laws dictate which motorist has the right-of-way in various circumstances. These include at uncontrolled intersections, when two or more roads or lanes of travel merge, and at road construction sites. Some motorists become angered or irritated at the sign of a motorcyclist because they feel that motorcyclists act “entitled” on the roadway, and so they will deliberately ignore right-of-way laws. Other motorists simply forget to look for motorcyclists and other vehicles before proceeding. In either case, motorcyclists are at risk of serious harm.

Motorcycle crashes in Suffolk County can have a variety of other causes, too. A mechanic or repair shop may not complete a necessary repair properly, leaving the motorcycle unsafe to ride. Drivers on the road who consume alcohol or illegal drugs or fail to take precautions when using over-the-counter or prescription drugs can become too impaired or intoxicated to drive around motorcyclists safely. Sometimes, a motorcycle collision is the result of bad or careless acts of two or more people. In such a situation, recovering an appropriate amount of compensation will depend in part on identifying the various causes of the motorcycle accident and who is responsible for them and determining the role each of those causes played in bringing about the collision and resulting injuries.

Whatever the cause or causes of a motorcycle collision and regardless of who is at fault, motorcycle accident injury victims can trust that Parker Waichman’s attorneys have experience with situations like theirs. Our knowledgeable attorneys have the tools, knowledge, and background to unravel the chain of events that led to a victim’s motorcycle collision and obtain justice.

Seeking Medical and Legal Help for a Motorcycle Accident in Suffolk County

A rider injured in a motorcycle collision in Suffolk County will likely need swift evaluation by trained medical personnel and may also require emergency care and surgery. This evaluation and care will likely come from one of the hospitals in Suffolk County, like Long Island Community Hospital in Patchogue or Riverhead’s Peconic Bay Medical Center. While a victim may not always have a choice about what medical center or hospital they are transported to after a motorcycle crash, victims should be careful about seeking treatment from a provider that is very far from the scene of the collision. Some injuries (such as traumatic brain injuries) can require immediate medical intervention in order to prevent lifelong disabilities.

Counties in New York all have one or more Supreme Courts (the courts of trial jurisdiction in New York) where motorcycle crash lawsuits can be filed. These courts have jurisdiction to hear motorcycle accident lawsuits involving alleged injuries and financial harm that exceeds a certain threshold. In Suffolk County, the Supreme Court’s main branch is in Riverhead. There is a measure of strategy involved in choosing the most appropriate location in which to file your lawsuit; a skilled motorcycle accident injury attorney should be able to advise the victim on the appropriate court to file their case.

Common Injuries in Suffolk County Motorcycle Accidents

Obtain compensation

Motorcyclists involved in collisions will rarely escape with minor or no injuries. While wearing protective gear like a helmet, gloves, and durable clothing can go a long way in helping to minimize the likelihood of severe injuries, no motorcyclist should expect to walk away from any accident with no injuries at all. Cuts, scrapes, and abrasions, or “road rash,” are common and can be quite painful and unsightly; however, unless such injuries cover a large portion of the motorcyclist’s body or affect several layers of skin, such injuries are not likely to be life-threatening.

But motorcyclists can also suffer one or more of the following types of injuries, which can be more serious and result in death or permanent disability:

  • Head/brain injuries: There is nothing to protect a motorcyclist’s head from the pavement, another vehicle or another obstruction or hazard in a collision. This is why a helmet is so crucial, but even a helmet cannot prevent all injuries to the head or brain. A motorcyclist involved in any collision where they hit their head should be evaluated by medical personnel as soon as possible to ensure that any head or brain trauma is promptly addressed.
  • Back and neck injuries: Because motorcyclists involved in collisions are at a high risk of being thrown from their bikes, back and neck injuries are common in motorcycle crashes as well. Not all of these injuries are fatal, but even non-fatal back and neck injuries are serious. Such injuries can result in temporary or permanent paralysis or significant and long-lasting pain and limitation of movement.
  • Hip/leg injuries: Broken bones in the pelvis or legs are not only extremely painful, but they can also take an extraordinary amount of time to set and heal. In a sizeable number of cases, rods, pins or other hardware will need to be surgically implanted in order to repair the broken bone(s). Mobility issues are common, and these issues may last for months or years after the initial injury.

Any or all of these injuries can require a considerable amount of money to properly treat. While your own insurance policy may be able to cover some of the expenses of obtaining medical care, going through rehabilitation, and missing time at work, insurance benefits will usually not be enough on their own to cover a victim’s pain and suffering, mental distress, and ongoing treatment needs. Thankfully, after serious motorcycle collisions, injured motorcyclists may be able to pursue a claim to compensation through the courts instead of exclusively through insurers.

Successful motorcycle injury cases can put injured Suffolk County motorcyclists and their families in a more secure financial position so they can move forward without worrying about how they will pay for medical expenses or meet their day-to-day obligations. Such peace of mind is often of immense value to not just the injured motorcyclist but their family as well.

Get Compensation for Your Suffolk County Motorcycle Accident Losses

Injuries from a Suffolk County motorcycle accident can take months or even years to heal, but victims don’t have that long to pursue compensation. In fact, New York law only gives injured motorcyclists a three-year window to decide whether filing a motorcycle injury lawsuit is the right move for them. Once that period of time passes, it becomes nearly impossible for an injured biker to initiate a lawsuit. That’s why it’s important to consult an attorney as soon as possible after the accident.

A skilled personal injury lawyer can help with investigating a Suffolk County motorcycle accident victim’s claim, gathering medical records, police reports, and other documents, and preparing and submitting the paperwork necessary to file the lawsuit and initiate the recovery process. This leaves the injured motorcyclist free to concentrate on following their doctor’s orders, recovering from their injuries, and setting their life back in order. A Parker Waichman attorney will fight tenaciously for your right to compensation, so you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

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