Dr. Reginald Archibald Sexual Abuse

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Dr. Reginald Archibald Sex Abuse Lawsuits

For many Americans, hospitals are places of healing and recovery. Somewhere patients go to be cured of ailments and injuries. In a recent article by The New York Times, however, evidence has arisen that one doctor: Dr. Reginald Archibald, may have sexually abused thousands of patients at Rockefeller University Hospital.

The Sex Abuse of Dr. Reginald Archibald

Dr. Reginald Archibald was an endocrinologist at The Rockefeller University Hospital from 1941 until 1980 with a short, two-year break from 1946-48. Dr. Archibald also kept his title after his retirement as an emeritus until 1987.

In his 34 years as an endocrinologist, Dr. Archibald has been implicated in the sex abuse of over 1,000 patients from ages 5-17. Though the full extent of the damage is not fully understood, this case stands to become the largest instance of sex abuse ever recorded in U.S. history. This doctor, acclaimed for his work to help children grow who were not reaching puberty at the proper time, would take nude photographs of his patients, measure genitalia, mainly male genitalia both flaccid and erect, ask patients to masturbate for him, and would cup the patient’s genitalia and perform manual intercourse with the patients. Though Dr. Archibald passed away in 2007, it has taken another 11 years before victims would learn they were not alone.

Rockefeller University Hospital's Role in Sex Abuse

Though Rockefeller University has claimed ignorance about the extent of the sex abuse, there have been complaints filed about Dr. Archibald as far back as 1990 detailing accusations of inappropriate conduct and sex abuse. In October of 2018, Rockefeller University Hospital suddenly reversed its position and sent out hundreds of letters to any victims they could contact, asking if they had experienced some inappropriate behavior during their time with Dr. Archibald.

Many victims suddenly realized that they were not an isolated incident and Dr. Archibald’s abuses began to pile up. For some, the sex abuse had lasted for as long as 11 years with over 40 photographs being taken of them. Although every one of Dr. Archibald’s former patients reports being photographed, the hospital has stated that they have no information about the whereabouts of these photos. Other evidence of their existence, however, lies in a photo release form that parents signed for their children.

Pursuing Justice for Victims of Sex Abuse

The behavior of Dr. Archibald is unacceptable. The total number of potential victims is unknown but is confirmed to be over 1,000 children. Additionally, The Boys and Girls Club of Madison Square is also investigating their records where Dr. Archibald served as their doctor as well. Though he may not have been caught while he lived, there is still justice to be found for the thousands of victims he left behind. Parker Waichman LLP is prepared to represent the many victims of Dr. Archibald or any other instance of sex abuse. Their experienced abuse lawyers can help victims take back their power and exact justice upon the people who took advantage of them in a weak moment. Don’t wait. Contact Parker Waichman LLP for a free consultation today.

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