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As one of the nation’s premier personal injury and mass tort law firms, we are capable of successfully handling all types of cases. If you or a loved one are injured due to the negligence of another, there is no better place to help advocate for your rights than Parker Waichman LLP.

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Auto Accident Settlement


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Auto Accident Settlement


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"When you come to a firm like ours that actually does the work in a litigation, the defendants know that, they know that you know the case, that you've done the work, looked at the documents, all their bad emails, reports, and studies. You've questioned their doctors, their PHD's, their executives, even some CEO depositions... they know you know the strength of your case and this makes a significant difference in your results."
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Our Practice Areas

Our law firm is ready to represent you in your injury case. We've helped many New York residents as well as those needing help nationwide. Here is a general overview of the types of cases we handle:
  • Complex Litigation

    Complex litigation law deals with cases that involve multiple parties & have large amounts of money at stake, and/or deal with complex legal issues. Often, complex litigation requires a lot of time and money, and these cases may also draw plenty media attention.
  • Defective Drugs

    Defective drugs are medications that cause physical or psychological injury. Often, these injuries relate to recalled drugs, drugs that were not adequately tested for all of their potential side effects, manufacturing errors, dosage mistakes, inadequate warnings, or mislabeling.
  • Defective Medical Devices

    If you’ve been harmed by a medical device, an experienced defective medical device attorney can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Our firm will evaluate your claim and help you determine whether you should proceed with a lawsuit.
  • Defective Products

    Our product liability lawyers tackle claims involving prescription drugs, defective medical devices, cosmetics, and any other potentially hazardous products in order to recover the compensation our clients need and deserve. We’re not afraid to take on the big corporations.
  • General Negligence 

    A negligence lawsuit is filed when a plaintiff is harmed due to the defendant’s disregard for others’ safety. In these types of lawsuits, a negligence lawyer must prove that the plaintiff was harmed because the defendant acted differently than a reasonable person would have.
  • Intentional Acts

    Any time a party acts with intention to cause direct harm to another party, the law categorizes that as an intentional act of personal injury. For example, this may be the case with elder abuse or domestic violence.
  • Mass Tort Cases

    A Mass Tort is a case where many people are wrongfully harmed in a similar way by a similar product often by a drug, medical device, or defective product, When the worst happens, you need a mass tort attorney to help you.
  • Medical Malpractice

    A medical malpractice claim is a failure to act in a way that would be reasonably expected from someone with their training and experience. This means providing treatment that is substandard of the medical profession.
  • Personal Injury 

    Having a personal injury lawyer on your side will put you in the best position possible to recover the money you need to pay for your damages. Trying to take on an insurance company or file a lawsuit on your own will be unlikely to yield positive results.
  • Premises Liability

    A premises liability claim arises from injuries that an individual sustains when visiting the property of another. The injuries can be caused by a defect or other condition on the property whether it is inadequate lighting, a broken railing, slippery floors, or inadequate security.
  • Sexual Abuse

    If you or a loved one was sexually abused by a Boy Scout leader, a member of the clergy, a physician, a coach, or any other person or authority, call our firm immediately to see if you can pursue a civil lawsuit to obtain monetary compensation.
  • Vehicle Accidents

    If you are injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you should speak to a lawyer as soon as you can after the crash. The sooner you act, the fresher and more reliable the evidence supporting your claim will be.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We have worked with thousands of clients and we appreciate them and their positive reviews. Here are just a few recent client reviews…
When I contacted Parker Waichman LLC I did not know what to expect…But I met Ms Benita Rollis and she was a Godsend ! Ms Rollis guided me through the entire process.. and whenever I had a question about anything Ms Rollis got back to me with answers...
Kevin Oras
2 years ago
Ashley L worked with me kept me updated and informed on everything that was going on with my case in a timely and professional manner.
Larry Lutes
3 years ago
I was very happy with Parker Waichman services. I want to thank Tina Morace for keeping me constantly updated on the progress of my claim. Thank you.
Barbara Feinberg
2 months ago

Our Attorneys and Legal Team

We take care of everything. Your situation is stressful enough; Let us take on the deadlines, paperwork, investigation, and litigation. We'll handle every detail so you don't have to worry.
Jerrold S. Parker

Jerrold S. Parker

Founding Partner
Herbert L. Waichman

Herbert L. Waichman

Founding Partner (1993 – 2014)
Melanie H. Muhlstock

Melanie H. Muhlstock

Managing Partner, Mass Torts

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked. If you can't find an answer here, please contact us. We'll be happy to assist you and answer your questions.

Every case is unique. Some settle before a lawsuit is filed while others while go to trial. A case can also settle at any time during any stage of a lawsuit. Most cases settle before trial for a variety of reasons. We will evaluate your case and advise you on what we think is best for you.

You should consult with an attorney before any discussions with the opposing insurance company. The opposing insurance company’s interest is in direct conflict with your own. This means that any discussions with them, no matter how friendly the claims representative seems to be, have the potential to harm your claim. Talking to the other driver’s insurance company is rarely to your advantage, and could be very damaging to your claim.

All states have placed limits on the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit in the state’s civil court system after you have suffered some type of harm. This kind of law is called a statute of limitations, and there are different deadlines depending on what type of case you want to file and what state you are filing in. This is important because if you fail to timely file your lawsuit, you may be prevented from doing so.

There is no one average lawsuit settlement, as these amounts vary widely depending on the case at hand, ranging anywhere from $3,000 to more than $1 million. Typical personal injury settlements will cover the measurable economic damages caused by the injury and then attempt to take into account non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

It’s impossible to determine early on what a case is worth. Some factors, however, that will determine what is a case may be worth include severity of injuries, pain and suffering, medical treatment, lost income and available insurance coverage.

Before you take the steps to file a personal injury lawsuit, you are probably wondering how long the entire process will take. The popular belief that all lawsuits will drag on and on is not always true. This question, however, is difficult to answer because a variety of things can affect how long it takes for your case to resolve.Determining liability (who is at fault), very serious injuries resulting in substantial damages, extensive, continued medical treatment making it difficult to assess your case’s value, insurance company delay tactics and a crowded court system all may play a part in how long your lawsuit may take.

If you were involved in a car accident, the primary coverage for your medical bills is no fault or PIP (personal injury protection). If you sustained injuries due to a trip and fall or other accident, your medical bills would be covered by your private health insurance.

Most settlements are paid out as one lump sum, typically in the form of a check written out by the defendant to you and your lawyer. Both of you will sign the check, and the law firm will deposit it. Once the check clears, the law firm will send a check to you for your portion of the proceeds. They’ll also pay out any third party that should get a portion of the money.However, occasionally, plaintiffs and defendants will opt for structured settlements. Personal injury cases settled this way will usually involve one portion of the settlement being sent to the plaintiff and the rest being held back, to be issued in installments later on. If you’re getting a very large settlement, this may work out well for you because it will keep you from spending the money all at once. But for smaller amounts, a structured settlement will only benefit the defendant.

Personal injury lawyers charge a “contingency fee” to take an injury case. A contingency fee means that the firm will not get paid any attorney’s fees unless you recover money in your case. The lawyer or law firm will get paid a percentage of money received from any insurance settlement or jury verdict.The percentage that a lawyer can receive in a contingency fee agreement varies from state to state. The percentage typically ranges from 25 to 40 percent, and 33.33 percent (or one-third) is common. For example, if you have a 33.33% contingency fee arrangement and you recover $90,000 in your car accident case, your attorney will receive $30,000. Any disbursements charged to your case are also reimbursed to your attorney upon the successful conclusion of your case.

A personal injury attorney can help you go up against big auto insurance companies and their team of lawyers. Your attorney already knows the personal injury laws and procedural rules and can effectively handle all the legal work for you.He or she will act as your advocate throughout the entire case. Because an insurance company’s lawyers have the knowledge to reduce compensation and even deny the claim altogether, hiring an accident attorney is the best option for people who have sustained injuries, are faced with expensive medical bills or have experienced lost wages due to their injuries.

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Our law firm is ready to represent you in your injury case. We've helped many New York residents as well as those needing help nationwide. Here is a general overview of the types of cases we handle:
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